“La Ultima Carta”

missionWell the time has come!  This will be my last letter from Argentina.  I really don’t know how to process these types of moments.  I remember before I left for the mission, I was cool as a cat everything was so calm.  I’m trying to maintain that calmness.  I’m so grateful for the experience I had here as a missionary.  Since the day I put on that nametag, I’ve been learning and growing so much!!  And I’m so excited to learn and grow in my next phase of life. 

This week was fuuulll of miracles.  Beto is doing so so so great.  I love him so much.  This week we had an intense lesson in the chapel about repentance and what it means. We invited him to pray in that moment on his knees.  It was a very special experience.  However, he didn’t get his answer in that exact moment, he did feel strongly that he has to look for his answer.  He came to church on Sunday and the devotional! I t was great even though we had to stay up till 11:30 p.m. so that he could watch it with us… Beto is one of the biggest miracles in my mission.  He has progressed so much and changed so much.  He is the testimony that I have of God’s love for everyone of his children no matter how wicked or lost they are.
We had interviews with President this week and it was a little different because we had to teach Hermana and President Rogers by ourselves.  It was such a great experience to be able to teach them and learn from them.  I wish it would have happened a little earlier in my mission, but still it went really well.  We were all asked to teach the atonement to them.  Thus, I studied the atonement so much.  I think  I know all the scriptures inside and out haha!  The one that we shared is in Doctrine and Covenants 19.  It’s talks about how Christ suffered for us so that we don’t have to suffer, but only if we repent.  If we don’t repent, we still have to bare our own burdens.  What greater thing do we have in our life than the love our Heavenly Father and the mercy of our beloved Savior?  Seriously the love of God is infinite and was shown through the sacrifice of His son.  Such sacrifice was infinite too.  I love the scripture in Alma 34 that talks about the infinite and eternal sacrifice that God gave was necessary to save us from our lost and fallen state.  Even though it may not appear that we are all lost and fallen, we all are in some sort of way.  Especially if we don’t have the atonement present in all the things we do.  The atonement is the only thing that will free us from our natural selves. I’m so thankful for my Saviour and all He has done for me, for my friends, my family, and the people here in Argentina.  I hope I can continue giving Him my all in all the things I do. 
There are so many things iIm going to miss from this country and the mission.  I have forgotten so much about carpet and soft chairs, but I really have come to love so many things from these people.  I love their bug (big?) hugs, their willing hearts, their bread haha, and even the dogs sometimes!  But I know that these people will always be in my heart until the next life and we all be together again.  They are the Lord’s children even if they are super stubborn hahah.  No, but really I know I have met many of my pre-existence friends here! 
Thanks for all the love, prayers, notes, packages, testimonies and all that you have done for me!  This experience has been once in a lifetime! 
hasta pronto! nos vemos!
Hermana Carter

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