El es la dadiva

Truchas- trouts, but in slang it means…. like a faker or a fraud.  This title has nothing to do with the letter but I really like this word and it doesn’t have a direct translation. 🙂

Hello hello,
Sister Carter here in the end of the world with very dark circles under her eyes!  I hope it won’t be there permanently and will go away in a couple weeks when I am well rested but for now it looks like my companion punched me!
This week was a great week!  We taught more lessons and found new people.  We were finally able to teach Cintia and her husband Diego! We have been planning it for like a month.  They are super great.  We taught them about a the restoration and even though there were a bunch of little rascals running around, the Spirit was felt.  We were able to put a baptismal date with them!  They may take a while to progress, because they work very hard, but they’ll get there I know it. 
We also taught Beto:) oh Beto is a huge web of problems.  This poor guy has had so many issues, it’s really hard for him to progress.  He came to a baptism and to church, but it’s so hard to tell if he’s really interested!  We were able to talk to him about obedience and the law that the Lord has established since the beginning of time.  Even though it was bold I think he understood in that moment what it means to be obedient, but forgets everything because his brain is fried from all the things he consumes!  I’m learning a lot of patience with him and hoping that we can find new outlets to help him make the changes.
This week I did divisions not as a leader… haha!  It was weird, but it was fun because I got to serve with another Hermana Lider that I love.  Hermana Craun is from Arizona and she’s crazy and blonde just like me.  We were able to do a lot of contacts and find new people to teach. I loved it.
We had a Christmas choir concert.  The decorations were very American (l love my country:))  The missionaries sang “Away in a Manger” and “Joy to the World.”  It turned out pretty well!  But the other choirs were amazing!  The adventistas were professionals!  At the end, they shared the christmas video El es la Dàdiva.   I love this video so much.  It’s such a beautiful way to help us understand the importance of Christmas.  The Lord gave a infinite and eternal gift which was His only begotten son, and only through Him can we find happiness here on earth and hope to live with Him again.  We have to use, share, remember, and accept this gift everyday!  It is so amazing to me, the love the Lord and our Savior have for us!  I love them.
Happy Christmas season, bust up(out) the Christmas music and share the real spirit of Christmas, remember our brother Jesus Christ in all things that you do this Christmas season.
Hermana Carter 

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