“Pan de dios”

Hola como estan?!

Life is great here in Ushuia!  Today we went to find a waterfall.. that we kind of found.  It was pretty legit.  A good day.


This week was pretty chill.  We contacted, taught, laughed, and everything.  This week, one of the greatest miracles that we had is that we found a new investigator whose name is Pia..  She’s 15 and it seems to me that she’s had a pretty tough life.  She basically is raising her little brothers while her mom works.  She has so much faith in God because she has felt him help her in moments of difficulty.  I’m excited to keep working with her!

I don’t know if I told you but Elder Christofferson, a general authority from Salt Lake, is coming this week to Ushuia.  This whole week I have been pondering what I can do to prepare for this moment.  There are so many things I want to learn before I leave.  I hope I will be able to apply all the things he teaches us here in the mission and my life.  I’m going to be writing notes like CRAZY!
This week we couldn’t visit Juan Carlos, but we did call him.  He wanted to find out about the church website so he could read the Book of Mormon.  CAPO!  I really hope he can get married so he can be baptized.  We need to pray a lot so everything works out, all is in the hands of the Lord.
This is a picture of my bread that I made with Hermana Fish.  Best bread I’ve ever made.  CAPA I am.
Well chicos, love you all lots.  Keep those smiles on, God loves you all!
Hermana Carter

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