Hello family!  

Happy Halloween!!  Everyone here in Argentina thinks that Halloween is of the devil and it’s the worst holiday ever.  It makes me sad.  They’re missing out on a lot of candy and happiness if you want my opinion.

This week has been another crazy week!  We were able to teach a good amount of lessons.  The people talked a lot and I felt like I had to listen a lot… that’s some of the patience I have learned here on the mission. haha!
This week our highlight is Juan Carlos.  I don’t know if I told you about him, but he’s a referral from the Hibauza Family.  He is very smart and also very sensitive to the spirit.  He has a strong desire to be baptized, but he has to get married.  We were able to have a lesson with him at the Hibauza’s house and share with him the Book of Mormon.  He was super capo.  As we shared all about the book of mormon he was putting all the pieces together.  He talked about how Christ says that there are “other sheep that are not of this fold.”  He is so determined to get baptized, but I really want him to have his own answer about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  Sometimes he talks about the church like the perfect society that he wants to join.  I hope he will be able to have his own divine testimony so that his foundation is not the members, but the truth of the doctrine.  We are trying to get him to talk to his wife about marriage so that he can get baptized.  He proposed to his wife this weekend but he’s still waiting for his answer.
This transfer there were a ton of changes.  Now the hermana leaders are Hermana Fish with Hermana Kraun.  They are like zone leaders and they are working in Ushuia and Rio Grande.  I’m staying with Hermana Reyes in Ushuaia.  At first we were both really surprised. Like all callings and assignments, it all depends on the Lord’s will and timing.  I’m going to commit all my time and attention to my area so that I can leave it the best that it has ever been!  In the mission there is always time to learn and grow.  I’m taking this opportunity to learn and grow:)
Love you all so much! Take care of yourselves, ok?! 
Hermana Carter

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