“la playa larga”

Dear Friends and Family,
Well it’s been a great week this week!  It started off with snow and ended with beautiful sunshine.  It was the Argentine Mother’s Day last Sunday and the primary program at church!  Argentine kids are so cute!  They always try to talk like grown ups.  It’s the cutest.

We just got back from a trip to La Playa Larga or the “long beach.”  It was so pretty! We ate lunch as a zone and played a little volleyball.  I love doing fun free things!
La Playa Larga

La Playa Larga

This week we also set new goals to work creatively to find new investigators. Knocking doors and talking to people in the street is what keeps me going as a missionary, but it’s not the MOST effective way to find people to teach.  We looked for opportunities to serve and to find inactives and former investigators and we were able to find 3 new investigators, David, Daniel, and Ricardo.  Ricardo is “un capo”.  He started going to a Christian church a month ago and is going through a rough time. We were able to share with him Alma 36 which is about how Alma the younger was able to forget about his sins and feel the joy of redemption.  We were able to invite him to baptism and he said. ” Yes!”  During this lesson I felt the spirit so strong.  I hope we will be able to help him receive an answer from God, so God can help him have a happy life!!
Another new investigator that we found is Daniel.  He was such a miracle!  We went to lunch with this family and they had invited a friend!  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he is curious to read it.  He’s got some crazy ideas about the gospel but I’m excited to help him.  More than ever I feel the need to study the New Testament because we are teaching so many Christians!  It’s kind of crazy. 
I hope all is going well up there!  Mom take care of yourself and make sure that you get better! Love you all way too much!!
un abrazo!
Hermana Carter

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