“te pintaron pajaritos en el aire”

How are you all doing?!  

It’s such a bummer Mom, that you’re stuck on the couch!  I realized I’m so much like you.  I hate standing still… haha.  Trials come in all forms and sizes, sometimes it’s not being able to do anything.  Who’d a known?

Ok so this week like I told you, was a rebuilding week.  I’ve been contacting like I never have in my life.  Walking all day is totally not my jam, but it’s ok if we can find like one prepared person, I’ll be so happy.  I realize I still have so much to learn and to make better!  The mission doesn’t stop changing us. 
Hermana Reyes and I were able to visit our investigator Marta, the 7th Day Adventist.  She always has unusual questions, except for when we taught the plan of salvation.  The spirit was so strong teaching her about the eternal purpose of our life and how the Lord’s mercy is so infinite.  That we and our friends and family will have many chances to be prepared to enter the Lord’s kingdom and receive eternal life.  She has so many challenges that keep her from progressing, but I know that she’s looking for the truth and is willing to do the Lord’s will.  That’s what I love about her!
I was reading this morning in Alma 5  That chapter really helps us analyze how we are doing in our progress to become like our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  As I was reading there were a lot of questions that called my attention.  One of them is that Alma asks if we remember our fathers efforts to escape from captivity.  This question made me reflect on my ancestors who were pioneers and suffered so much without even knowing when they were going to get to Zion.  I realized that if they hadn’t put forth that effort I would have never had the joy of having the gospel today.  I too wan’t to follow that example by doing all I can without knowing what blessings the Lord has in store.  That is true faith and hope in the Lord’s power and love! Read Alma 5!  Tell me which question made you think the most!
We have been able to do some really great hikes these past two weeks.  So fun!!  
I love the mountains and the snow here!! 
Thanks everyone and I love ya!
Hermana Carter
IMG_0484[1] copyIMG_0495[1] copyIMG_0521[1] copy

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