“bajar la caña”

Wow, wasn’t conference the best.  I loved how direct and specific it was!  In Argentina they say when someone scolds or is strict with someone, that they are dropping the cane on someone. haha. Well I felt some legit canes dropped yesterday.

This week has been so crazy.  Monday we had p-day and our phones stopped working.  Tuesday I had to be in the terminal at 4:30 to go the Comodoro.  Usually we go in an airplane to the leadership council, but this time we had to go in a bus.  That meant 30 hours of travel up to Comodoro.  When we stopped in Gallegos we had like a 4 hour break so we were able to eat and see some people.  I went and visited the Sampayo family!!  It was so great.  They shared with me all the great news about the branch.  Almost all of the investigators that we had found, have baptismal dates and are attending church!!  It was so great to see those beautiful people (despite the fact that it made me super trunk for Gallegos)  That night we left to travel to Comodoro.  We got there at 8:30 and the conference had already started.  The conference was great and long (5 hours).  When the conference finished we ate in 20 minutes and the president was telling us that we were going to miss our plane home.  We went straight to the airport and flew home.  I got home at 2 in the morning and slept on the Hermana’s tile floor for 4 hours. Ha.  It was the longest 2 days of my life.

Well also this week we got to work a little which was cool.  We found a new investigator Eugenia from Buenos Aires.  She’s great.  When we taught her about the first vision she reacted really crazy. She was so awestruck by what happened, it was so funny it kind of made it hard for me to focus while explaining it to her. haha.  However she is very great.  She accepted the baptismal invitation and she has a lot of faith in God that He will give her an answer.

This week we are hoping to find more people to teach, talking with EVERYONE and praying for many miracles to happen.  I’m so happy I can be a part of the Lord’s plan of salvation and take part in this work.  Hearing that so many people are getting baptized in the Gallegos made me so happy.  I really felt that the Lord directed me to the prepared people.  I thought of the scripture in Alma 26 when he says we should rejoice in being able to save but one soul.  Such a happy thing to hear that branch is growing so much. Happy news, Nora already got baptized, Matias is getting baptized next weekend, Agustina the daughter of Soledad is getting baptized and the couple Jose and Carolina are getting baptized. I can remember each and everyone of them and how I found them. Some of those times were the most desperate last attempts to find someone willing to hear our message.  I feel so blessed to have known them and been part of their progress!! So happy!!!

Well love you guys alot! Take care!

Love, Hermana Carter



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