“Libre soy, libre soy”

Hello my loves!

This is Hermana Carter here reporting about week siiix. Week six is always a little complicated; getting ready for transfers and everything, but the good news is… is that my companion gets here Wednesday!  Her name is Hermana Reyes and she’s from right here in Argentina!  I’m going to be coming home with a very legit Argentine accent haha!  I am so excited for her to come so we can get some good work into our area!  It’s going to be the best!!!

I was trying to enjoy my last week with the best Hermana Fish.  It’s like really distracting working with your best friend.  I think it was smart of President to not make us companions.  But she’s staying in Ushuaia for another transfer!  We were however able to get a lot of work done this week.  It was the week of the prophets.  Everyone was questioning the prophets and it was very interesting. haha! 
This Monday we were able to teach Macarena about the plan of salvation and it was really great.  I felt the spirit so strong and I know that God is just fighting so hard for all his children to get back home to Him.  He loves us so much, but it’s a tough love and Macarena understood that.  She finally understood that she wasn’t part of His kingdom yet, but had this desire to one day be there.  What she doesn’t understand is that it’s NOW that we have to act and try to become better.  It’s something that youth just don’t understand…. life actually ends someday.
We were also able to find a few new investigators this week.  One that looks quite promising is Fernanda.  She’s a single mom with two little boys.  She grew up Catholic but is not practicing.  She says that her faith in God has been what helps her keep going with her kids.  We were able to teach her about baptism and why it’s important.  When we closed we invited her to do the prayer and she did it!  No one ever does that… it was so cute.  I’m looking forward to seeing her again and helping her understand what God wants for her family.
I love you guys a lot.  I hope you’re all doing well and taking care of yourself.  Our mission has a goal that we will all have one baptism before Christmas as our gift to the Lord.  What more could our Heavenly Father want than bringing His children into his fold.  Please pray for these opportunities too so that this Christmas you will be able to see one of His children come closer to Christ!  
It’ll be the best. 🙂
Much Love,
Hermana Carter

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