Help!!! I cannot believe that another week has gone past!  This week has been pretty crazy too.  I’ve been working with my mini missionary, doing a little pre-training and had to travel to Comodoro for a leadership council.

The trip was pretty crazy!  We left Ushuaia in a bus at 5 in the morning.  The elders didn’t set their alarms, so I had to call them angrily say,  “The bus is leaving”.. haha!  They finally made it and 3 hours later we were in Rio Grande.  In Rio Grande we went to the airport to take a flight to Comodoro, BUT there was so much fog that the plane hadn’t been able to land on the landing strip. We waited hoping and praying until 7 at night and we were finally able to leave.  We arrived in Comodoro at 11 p.m. and we had the conference at 7 a.m.  The conference was soo great!!  President shared a little from the talk, “What Manner of Men Ought Ye to Be?”, from the priesthood session last conference.  We talked about how we can bring the mission to the next level.  Although there are many things that we can do to help our missionaries be more obedient and efficient, the most important thing we can accomplish is to help them become a little more Christlike.  I know that I, nor any other missionary, are not the the perfect missionaries, but if we do our best to do the Lord`s will, little by little, we will see the changes we want to see!

After the conference we has lost 3 days in our area!  Hermana Araneda and I hit the pavement.  We don’t have a lot of investigators, members, or less actives in our area, BUT we found 5 new people this week!

We started our fast Saturday afternoon, and I was praying so hard to find someone who was prepared to receive the invitation to be baptized, because everyone we have invited have said, “NO,” we went to visit Jainen, the girl in the wheelchair, and we were finally be able to teach her.  After the lesson, she started talking about how much she knows that the Lord loves her.  She’s had the opportunity to be baptized before and she lost it.  She knows that this is a good path for her and is willing to search for her answers and prepare to be baptized!  It was such a spiritual lesson.  The Lord really does love her, I love her too!  I’m so happy we decided to knock her door that Saturday evening.

It looks like I’m not going to have a companion for the rest of the transfer… So Hermana Fish and Hermana Rasmussen are going to be my companions.  We are going to take turns in our areas until transfers.  I know it’s a huge sacrifice on their part, but I’m committed to doing all I can to help this area grow!

I’m going to miss Hermana Araneda so much when she leaves.  She has learned so much in these few days and I know she’s going to be an amazing missionary in her assigned mission.  But honestly, she’s the cutest and I lover her for working so hard.

Sad Story, my branch president asked if they were going to close my area.  How rude! haha!!

I love you guys a lot.  Thanks for your loving words and prayers that I feel everyday.  I’m so happy to be a missionary and have these opportunities to grow and learn.  I realize that if I dominate this situation, I will be soo much stronger in the end!  Sometimes I don’t understand why iIm singing or smiling… but I guess it’s because I’m happy.


Con Amor

Hermana Carter
Being a tourist on P-day!

Being a tourist on P-day!


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