“Hello Bishop, Who is my new companion?”


How’s everyone doing?  It sounds like you’re all doing great!  I’m so excited about Cade and Kass.  I was waiting for this day to happen.  So feliz!!  Also, send my love to Aunt Lyn.  Must have been a great wedding.  Can’t wait to see some pictures.

Well this week has been reeeaaaally interesting…. so my companion was just not doing well.  She was in a bunch of pain:(  Luckily we were hosting a soon to be missionary, Hermana Araneda, until she got set apart to go the MTC Thursday, so we were able to take my companion to a members home and Hermana Araneda and I went out and worked!!  We spent all day Wednesday in the pension because we couldn’t find anyone to house Hermana Estrada.  I was really worried because we went to the hospital again and the doctors just told her that she must have neurological problems and that she needs to rest.  WHO GETS OVER A NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEM RESTING??  I was trying to be strong the whole day and was thinking “Well Sister Araneda goes to the MTC tomorrow so it’ll be one hermana less to worry about.”  We went to the airport at 7 in the morning and it was a ghost town.  Apparently the country went on a world wide strike to get a raise in their income…. so she couldn’t leave to go the MTC.  That night we had interviews and I basically fell apart in interview because this whole week I was being mom to two missionaries, one of which is having serious health problems and the other is really disappointed because she couldn’t go on her mission! haha!  Poor President probably thinks I’m crazy now. 
The verdict was… that Hermana Estrada would go to the office in Comodoro to work with the secretary and Hermana Araneda is staying to be my companion for 10 days.  After that I don’t know who my companion will be.  So the transfer just got really interesting.  All the members are kind of worried because I haven’t had a chance to learn the area or meet all the members, but their being supportive.
So that last couple of days we actually worked! We were able to help Jainen, the new investigator who is in a wheel chair, move to her new apartment.  That took up quite a bit of time, but it felt fulfilling to be able to help her. 
We were also able to find a few new investigators, one of whom is named Macarena.  Macarena is 20 years old and lives with her mom and five brothers and sisters.  She’s really great and her parents were investigators a really long time ago.  She says that she believes in God but doubts sometimes.  It seems to me that she’s had a pretty hard life.  I’m working really hard to teach by the spirit lately, because once you get in the rhythm of the work, you just go on autopilot.  Well this time I tried to really try to find out what she needed to hear.  We talked about Alma 32 and how our faith can actually grow if we act on it.  It went really well!  I’m looking forward to seeing the changes that she makes and hope she will be able to feel the spirit grow stronger in her life!
This week has been a big opportunity to learn and be humble.  I know that the Lord has a plan for each of us.  I’m thankful for the trials He gives me because it’s what keeps us on the road towards eternal life.  In the letter from President he said that his success is not the number of baptisms, but it is his missionaries.  I’m sure that’s how parents feel, leaders, and ultimately our Heavenly Father. His work and His glory is to make us like Him!  His happiness is the class of person I am and how I overcome these trials.  Because of that I will keep working and trying to become like His son, Jesus Christ.  That’s happy:)
Sending my love!
Sister Carter




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