“Pan Casero”

Well well how’s la familia doing?!  I’m here in cyber listening to some pretty mediocre worldly music. when will Maroon 5 just give up. haha.

This week has been another interesting one.  Lot’s of trips to doctors, resting, and walking really slow.  I’m learning so much with such different circumstances and with my new companionship.  I’m learning a lot about empathy, patience, and charity.  I’ve become a work-aholic in the last to transfers and now I have to become soft, sweet, lovable caretaker!  The mission helps us learn so many things.  I guess you could compare it to the transition from being a business woman and then being a stay at home mom.  The two things are important and work, but very differently. 
Aside from my companion’s complicated back situation, she bit the bullet and we did a little bit of work this week.  With the small sacrifices that she made, we saw a lot of miracles!  We found 4 investigators!  Finding Jainen and Virginia was a complete miracle.  We were contacting Saturday in the morning and we knocked Virginia’s door.  She opened and told us. “I don’t have a problem if you come another time, I’m teaching an English class right now.”  So we wrote down her datos and said we would call her to set up another appointment.  We went to knock the other door and she came out and asked us if we could come back in like 15 minutes.. we were like YES!! haha!  We went back and we found her 27 year old daughter who’s in a wheel chair.  She told us that when she was a youth, she went to the Mormon church a lot and it helped her overcome a lot of challenges that she was facing in that moment.  She felt that she needed to come back!  I have no idea why she didn’t get baptized but… She’s so great and I can see how she’s going to progress alot!
It’s those happy things that keep us going!  I love how the Lord knows us so well and He guides us to His children in the exact moment that we need them.  I know this is the Lord’s work.  I hope I can keep changing to become a better servant for Him.
Love you guys a ton!
Hermana Carter 
Where is the bread maker?

Where is the bread maker?


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