“Super Down South”

Hello hello!
Well I’m here, super down south.  Surprisingly it’s really not that cold
down here, it’s beautiful.  After a super long bus ride we finally got
here Tuesday night.  The first day we started planing and my companion
startied teaching me everything about the area and we worked in the
evening.  Thursday we were able to find a new investigator Eliana.
She’s really nice and has a mix of christian backrounds ranging from
Pentacostal to Catholic.  After a great morning and a great lunch, my
companion told me that her back hurt really bad.  I bought her some
ibprofen and then we went home.  We were able to go to the doctor and
well long story short, we’ve been in the pension for 4 days now.  I
feel super bad for her because she is in a lot of pain.  I am also
super bored and stressed out because we don’t have investigators or
anything here in Ushuia, so i just want to work!  I’ve taken a lot of time to study,
cook, clean, sleep, write in my journal, paint my nails and much more.  I’m learning
a lot about patience and charity in this current moment.  Instead of feeling bad
for myself, the Lord is helping me feel more for my companion and serving her so
that she can work again!  I love her so much!  She’s such a sweet girl!The people here in Ushuia are so great. They are very happy that they
live in the prettiest city ever, it’s very different than the other
areas I’ve been in.  My companion is a little discouraged because they
haven’t had a lot of work lately, but I’m so pumped for when she gets
better so we can just find all the elect people out here.I miss Gallegos so much and Hermana Julio.  Even though the branch here
is so great and big, I miss those familiar faces and big hugs!

Hope you are all doing well!  Enjoy your last days of summer:) the
snow is melting here which means it’s headed to your neighborhood in
the next couple of months!

Lots of love!

Hermana Carter


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