“feliz dia pibes”

Hello family!
How y’all doing?  Do you know that I just love you guys?!  This week has been so crazy.  Went to Comodoro in an overnight bus ride tuesday night and traveled home wednesday night…  I was basically a zombie all week.  For the first time I broke down and bought a diet coke to give me energy.  I felt so old. haha!!
Well this week is transfers! and this girl is headed to USHUIA! what?!  It’s going to be so cold and so great I’m so very excited.  I highly doubt that it looks like mesquite.  More like Park City!  I’m headed down tomorrow morning.  My comanion is going to be Hermana Estrada from El Salvador and I will be the Sister Training Leader for the one and only Hermana Fish.  It’s going to be a crazy party… and of course we’re going to baptize the whole world.
This week wasn’t quite like we planned but we worked hard anyways.  We were able to have so many special moments with Soledad when we taught her kids for the first time about baptism.  I loved seeing her face while we taught her she was so happy that her kids could participate with her. It’s going to take a while for everyone to make changes in their home, but I know that the Lord will bless her if she keeps at it.
We also have been working with Nora.  She is so cold and I never know what she’s feeling. Sometimes I pray so that I can be like Ammon and read her mind… but sometimes it doesn’t work. She is so prepared for her baptism.  She only needs her answer about the Book of Mormon!  I can’t wait to see pictures of her baptism.
It was super tough to do all the goodbyes to the members.  I cried.  That’s like a first.  These members are so special.  They have so many difficulties and trials and they still are faithful.  They may be a little crazy, but they love the Lord and the Lord loves them.  So many hugs that I just didn’t want to let go!  I’m sure there are great members in Ushuia too.  I’m excited to meet them and I already love them.
I love this work so much.  I know that I’m supposed to be here on the mission and I’m learning what will last FOREVER.  I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet, his words are the Lord’s words.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true, It’s a treasure here on this earth.  These truths are eternal.  I’m so blessed to be able to share them here at the ends of the earth.  Share them too up there in the states!
Love always, Hermana Carter
la familia sampayo... mis amores mi vida!

la familia sampayo… mis amores mi vida!


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