Hello family!

How’s it all going?!  Sounds like you’re all enjoying the summer vacation for the last couple weeks. That’s cool… vacations don’t exist in the mission.  Before I became a leader, I thought leadership council was a vacation, I was greatly mistaken.

So this week was pretty good.  We were able to have a couple good lessons not as many in the other weeks, but we still saw so many miracles. 
We were able to visit Lesli.  FINALLY.  The good things are that she still likes us and the gospel but she really hates water.  So we are going to have work on that.  She’s a child of divorced parents and really knows how to get what she wants.  Hopefully she can keep progressing and coming to church.
We were able to do a lot of contacting this week and found so many new investigators!  One is Liliana.  I love her so much.  She is Christian and super dedicated to her church, but even more to her Heavenly Father.  I love that she really wants to give all to the Lord.  We taught her about the restoration and invited her pray to know if Joseph Smith was really a prophet.  She said that she wants to ask the Lord and know if we were really sent to her doorstep for a reason.  There are very few people who are truly willing to do ALL of the Lord’s will.  I hope that she will ask with faith, I know the lord will respond.
Transfers are comming up and I keep on thinking that this might be my last lunch in Gallegos, my last everything in Gallegos, haha.  It’s really sad.  I can’t believe how much I have come to love this really ugly city.  The people are so special and live in a culture so difficult, I think the Lord chose some of his strongest children to live down here. 
I love you all sooo much! Take care and don’t spoil those grandkids too much.
Love always, Hermana Carter

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