“XU-XA es el tiempo de jugar”

Hello family!
Hope you are doing well and enjoying that wonderful warm weather.  We are doing great here in Gallegos.  Just chugging along and working hard!  Things I really enjoy doing.  This week was pretty interesting, with baptismal plans, divisions, wind, and everything else in between.   I’m just going to share with you a few ups and downs. 
UPs.  We have a new couple to visit!  Jose and Carolina, they are so great.  We were able to share with them the Book of Mormon this week.  We talked about a lot of things and they were really receptive and WANT to know if the Book of Mormon is true!  They shared with us that they felt so different when we came to visit them for the first time.  They were like “I can’t really explain it, but it was something good.”  I love it when the people can recognize the spirit when we go into their homes.  1) because it tells me that I’m being worthy of the spirit and that the Lord allows me to carry it into the homes of our investigators.  2) it tells me that they are people who are prepared by the Lord to recognize the things that come from God!  I know that they will be able to discern when they know that this message is true and that they need to keep the commandments of God.
DOWNs. Well we were going to have a baptism this week but because of some inconvenient circumstances it didn’t happen.  1) the piping froze and we only had a little bit of water and 2) Leslie got scared the first time and her foot went up.  She was so scared that she wouldn’t try it again!  It was so sad because the poor little girl felt ashamed and embarrassed because she couldn’t get baptized.  That everyone had come, there was cake, and everything.  It was tough and I can’t help but feel like there was something we could have done to avoid it.  Like do it in another chapel or delay the baptism… because NOW it’s going to be a lot harder to get that girl in the water.  I know that the Lord has a will and that all will be well, but Hermana Julio and I felt so heart broken for this family, that yet again did not have a good experience with the church.  I am hoping and praying that they will be all right.
We are seeing a lot of miracles here in our area.  I hope everything continues to go well and that we can see more happiness come into the eyes of our investigators!
I love you all soo much.  Stay golden!
Love always,
Hermana Carter
Hermana Julio

Hermana Julio



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