“sos alemana?”

This week has been such an amazing week!  I hope your week has been amazing too.  Shout out to the beautiful Hermana Boud who’s off to be a missionary this week!  New York won’t know what hit them. 

This week we had so many things to do!  First we had to achieve our goals.  The STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE!  So we had to do all that we can do to teach with members and find the people prepared for the gospel.  Second, I had to do divisiones with Hermana Baldeon, which is always a little tasking, because I have to leave the entire area in the hands of my comp (she’s great and works better than I do, but it still makes me nervous haha).  Third, we had zone conference this week.  Fourth, we had a baptism to prepare! 
In the midst of all the things that we had to do, we time to achieve it all.  We were able to find so many new investigators.  Two UNMARRIED couples… who are so great.  The first is Silvia and Mauricio.  Silvia is from Salta and was going to get baptized when she was little, but her parents wouldn’t let her.  We were able to teach them about the restoration and I could see her childhood light up in her eyes. (for reals)  I could tell that she was so willing to find out the truth, but she is very dependent on a boyfriend who is a little tougher haha. We planned to invite them to be baptized Sunday afternoon, we got to her house and her son got the flu and had to go to the hospital.  They were going to be the baptismal dates to fulfill our goals and I looked at my companion and she asked me where do you go?.  We decided to say a prayer and asked the Lord to guide us to these two people who are prepared to be baptized.  I  knew that the Lord had someone prepared to fulfill these goals.  Hermana Julio said “We have to go back to the wooden door” a couple of apartment buildings away.  We went and knocked the door and opened a couple, Jose and Carolina.  They are Catholics and they are from Catamarca and have lived here for 2 years.  They are super faithful and willing to do the Lords will.  We taught them about baptism and Christ’s example and the importance of covenants in having an eternal family!  It was so amazing to feel the spirit in their home and their faces showing so much sincerity in their hopes and desires to be better.  It was an amazing experience!
We have been teaching Nora for a while, who is a woman who lives in a tiny apartment with all 3 of her full grown kids and her grandchildren!  She hasn’t been able to go to church for 3 weeks because she works at night time and never gets there in time.  We have been fasting and praying that she can come to church, so that she can progress towards her baptismal date.  Well we asked how the woman was doing that she takes care of every night and she told us she died…. I could barely hold back my smile. haha.  We tried our best to show our remorse but we were so happy that she could come to church this week! hahahahah  The lord always fulfills his will.
 This week Enzo got baptized.  He’s a 9 year old boy who’s mom is less active.  He really really wanted to get baptized and was super prepared.  His baptism was so beautiful.  President Rogers even came!  It was the first baptism in a year in our branch.  But my favorite part was the testimony that his mom bore that Sunday.  She expressed that she was so grateful that her son had been an example to her.  To see her son get baptized on his own accord helped her feel the desire to start over and be good.
I love this gospel and I love this work.  I can feel myself growing stronger and stronger every day and it’s all thanks to this experience in the mission.  I don’t know what my life would be like without it.
Love Always Hermana Carter

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