“torta frita”

Well well how’s my beautiful family doing?  Sounds like you’ve all been on the run, traveling like crazy!  I too had to make the trip to the mission house this week.  It’s like 3 days in one, we leave at 9 at night tuesday, travel all night, have a meeting wednesday. Then leave wednesday at 9 p.m. and get to Rio Gallegos at 9 in the morning.  Wednesday Argentina cualified for the finals! President had given us persmision to watch the game with a member.  But we we’re stuck in Comodoro so we ended up watching it in the terminal waiting for the bus haha.  There we were sitting on suitcases watching el Mundial with all the common people of Argentina!  It was pretty classic.  I enjoyed it.  Soccer is a wonderful sport.

This weeks title is Torta Frita because I’m keeping the count.  It’s been 9 days and counting that I have eaten something fried.  Yeah my heart is going to explode, because I’ve consumed a whole bottle of oil this week.  Right when I started to stop eating cookies in my pension, the members turned on me!  How cruel.

This week was great! We had some pretty awesome experiences.  We found a new investigator this week named Angelica.  We had such a great lesson with her and when we returned to teach her again, she told us that she felt something so special when we taught her the last time.  She was like, I can’t even explain the feeling, but I know that I want to continue taking the discussions!  It was cool that she recognized the spirit!  We shared the Book of Mormon with her and she is really willing to read it and understand it.  All the Angelicas are very special! haha.
This week we weren’t able to teach Matias.. but he came to church!  He’s starting to make friends and participate more.  There is something that is keeping him from committing to his baptismal date.  We’re going to find it! haha.
We are working with a less active family who has a son who is not baptized!  My companion and I were like, we need to find out what he needs to be prepared.  He was so cute!  He knows everything but the law of chastity… clearly.  We asked him if he had heard of it and he said “I don’t know what that is but I know what it is to chastize.  Mom how many times have you punished me?”  (castidad-chastity, castigar-to punish)  He’s getting baptized this weekend! Woohoo.  First baptism in the branch in a year.  Talk about a drout (drought?)
Well that’s all I’ve got for this week!  Hope you all have a fabulous day in that hot weather. Sometimes I daydream about walking around without tights and with short sleeves.  So yeah.
Hermana Carter

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