“Chori Pan”

Hola hola mi querida familia!

It’s been so long and I have so much to say that I have no idea what to say…
Lets start with the bad news.  Angelica.  We had an awesome family home evening with a member and the kids!  We watched the restoration video and it was so great.  We called her on Friday to see if we could pass by and visit her Saturday and she said that the brother of the orphans asked that we not visit again because he wants to teach his brothers and sister the gospel.  It was so sad!  She just told me straight up on the phone and said, “Take care” that’s all. But I believe that it was actually a blessing, because Angelica wasn’t progressing and we were going to have to drop her and I really didn’t have it in me to drop her.  I know that Satan works really hard to keep people from having the joy of the gospel and it hurts me that these orphaned kids, so lost and so scared, didn’t have the opportunity to be a part of this church!  I’m praying a lot for them….
Good news! Matias.  Matias is progressing super well!  We went to visit him Friday and he was able to come to baptism this week too!  I’m very happy that he is still reading and praying because when he went to church for the first time the Priesthood decided to argue about home teaching…. We heard them yelling during the sacrament meeting!  Luckily we went to look for him, and Hermano Mancilla had already invited him in the sacrament hall, so that he could explain everything to him.  Best fellowshipper ever.  Matias is very smart and is 18 years old.   Everything about the gospel interests him.  He reads and ponders everything so profoundly that I don’t understand him. haha.  I always have a headache after our lessons, but I can feel his sincerity in his big words and know that he is changing for the better!
I’m reading this in Mosiah right now about King Abinadi.  I love this story because he died preaching and testifying of the gospel of Jesus Christ and only one person converted!  But through this one person, thousands were baptised.  Abinadi was not a coward.  He spoke strongly and truthfully to the priests of King Noah.  I want to speak without fear as a missionary.  I want to invite people to repent and be obedient!  Moroni says that love defies all fears.  I love these people a lot and I promise that I will speak more boldly with them so they actually do get baptized and enjoy the blessing of heaven!
I hope you are all doing wonderful!  I’ll try to write better letters… but this is what calls my attention this week!
Love you! Pisa

"The Crane"

“The Crane”


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