“Aguante argentina!”

Hey there! Feliz Dia Papá!

I can’t believe it was a year ago that I gave a killer talk in English in my home ward.  I can’t even dream of speaking that eloquently in a language at this moment of my life.  haha!  However I was asked to speak in sacrament, to fill in for someone who didn’t come to church this week, and I focused on the importance of the Book of Mormon and how we show our love for our Heavenly Father by treasuring and loving our Book of Mormon! I feel like our members need to focus on their own personal testimonies in order to help our branch grow, it all starts with the strength of the individuals to make a congregation a strong force.  We are looking forward to one day being Estaca Rio Gallegos!

This week we had some crazy great experiences. We were able to teach more lessons and find a bunch of prepared people sitting in their houses watching the world cup! woohoo! 
This week we found a couple named Macarena and Alejandro. When we knocked their door, they invited us in without explaining anything.  We were able to teach them 3 times this week. It seems to me that Macarena is more open to the new doctrine and less afraid of commitment but they are both de 10!!  When we taught them the restoration of the church, we focused on the importance of receiving our own personal answer.  Then Alejandro asked us, “How do I know if I have received an answer?” (I love it when they ask the perfect questions) We then had the opportunity to explain the fruits of the spirit and el Hermano Sampayo testified of his own experience of receiving an answer from God.  It was so great!
We had one little let down this week.  We were super pumped to help Angelica quit smoking this week for her baptism… but we ran into a bump in the road.  Even though before she had told us that she thinks that everyone should be baptized like Jesus did and she would like to be baptized too, her feeling toward baptism had changed.  She now feels that she can’t get baptized because it would be turning her back on her baptism in the Catholic church.  She is super set on the fact that she has already received the holy ghost because she feels it inside and she told us we could never change her feelings about that.  It’s super interesting because she knows that the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith is a prophet and everything, but she said if she hadn’t already been baptized she would already had been baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ…. chun.  I was heart broken hearing this and I tried so hard to teach her with lots of love.  We were finally able to finish the lesson with committing her to pray to know what the Lord wanted her to do.  She said that she would do that because she knows that she invited us into her home for a reason, and she want’s to know why.  She knows that we are part of her plan.  Pray that she recognizes her answer!! 
To end on a good note, we have finally been able to work with the orphans that Angelica tends. They’ve had a really tough life and seen a lot of sad things.  Florencia who’s 15 years old and has a hard time trusting people.  We were trying to set an appointment to help her with her English and I told her that we, “love her” in the text message and she replied and told us, “We love you too!!”  I know!  It’s a like a big deal that she dropped the “Q-word” (quiero=to love), made my week!!
Daddy! I hope you know that I love you tons and wished that I could call you.  I told my companion that I miss you sometimes. haha!  A lot of the times!! I hope you know that you have always been there to help me out and especially in the mission.  I rely on your testimony and examples of patience, love, and faith to help me out.  Your an amazing father and I could never ever ask for better.  I’m loving the mission so much and I am learning so much thanks to you and the support that you give me.
Hermana Carter
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