“cortáme cuande queres”

Well, well another week has passed! It’s crazy how fast the time passes and how much stuff we do in one week. We walked so much this week because our two most urgent and important investigadores live like 10 kilometres away from each other.

Miracle of the week…. Angelica came to church with the two youngest boys that she takes care of Lucero and Angel.  We had some really powerful lessons with her this week.  What I really loved is when she read 3 nephi 11 as an assignment.  She felt the spirit so strong reading that passage, that she got emotional talking about it.  She told us in her own words “I don’t need to pray to know if this book is true, I already know and I can’t deny it.”  Fuaaaaa!  It was so awesome.  She is progressing very very well.  We also had the chance to teach her and the boys the 10 commandments.  They loved it!  They learned that they need to be obedient and that they need to go to church!  We also gave them both Books of Mormon and they read their assignments and everything!  I love visiting that home because I can feel that it is full of miracles.
We are also working with a young man named Carlos.  Carlos is the grandson of the inactive family Cruz.  This family is so strong and knows that the church is true.  It’s incredibly disheartening to see such a family opt out of the blessings of salvation and those that they can receive in this life. However, they have been a great support to Carlos and have provided a way for him to receive the gospel.  We were able to teach him about prophets and how there is a living prophet in these days. He looked at the picture that we have of all the prophets.  I could tell that he was marveling at the idea that there are living-day prophets that guide us today.  I loved that I was able to share this knowledge with him and that I could testify that I know that Thomas S. Monson is a chosen man by God to lead us in these days.  Copado.
I’m sorry I’m such a flojo with writing these days.  I loved your letters and am so happy that you’re all spending such great times together.  Keep up the great work!
Happy Birthday Eeg. 
Love your favorite aunt.
New Companion, Hermana Julio fromViña del Mar, Chile

New Companion,
Hermana Julio fromViña del Mar, Chile

Gathering with Sister Rogers

Gathering with Sister Rogers

Ahhh, sleep and warmth!

Ahhh, sleep and warmth!


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