“soy de BOCA Jrs.”

Well this week has really been a “week 6”.  The 6th week of the transfer is the week that you do everything you can to reach your goals… or you give up; most people give up.  I am going to be honest and say that I have had a few “week sixes” that have been a long struggle to just finish! However, this week six was all about Nahir.  Sigh… Nahir had a crazy, crazy week and it blew her out of the water.  It all started with the call Wednesday night.  She told us that something has happened with the divorce and that she can’t meet with us during our scheduled appointment :(. We were able to talk with her and well she was really overwhelmed with the whole divorce thing. Thursday we went to visit her and she wasn’t there.  We waited an hour outside until she got there. We were able to really talk to her and share some scriptures on the importance of baptism and the blessings that come when we are baptized.  She was super excited and said, “Of course what would impede me from being baptized?”  We did the pre-interview with her and it was great.  We felt the spirit super strong and nothing could beat the smile on her face!  We set up the time for her interview with the district leader.  It was great.  Friday my companion and I were preparing ourselves to head over to the interview when she called us.  She told us that the last night the were some disputes or arguments that took place at her house and that she had to talk with her lawyer right now and that the baptism will have to happen another time… boom!!   That’s when the novella ended.. It has been a very dramatic week but after talking with Nahir I can see how she can be better prepared and that we can help her become even stronger in the gospel. 

Some miracles that happened this week would include Angelica.  Angelica is our investigator who takes care of 4 orphaned children and is an angel.  This week we talked about the word of wisdom. She has already started to smoke less!  And she said what has helped her is prayer.  She always thought that it would be selfish to ask for help to stop smoking and now that she has started to make it part of her daily prayers she has smoked less!  Prayer is a powerful thing.
Angelica also came to see a baptism this week.  She loved how simple and humble the ceremony was and felt the spirit too.  She told me that she couldn’t really describe how she felt and but that to her is was something really beautiful.
We tried hard to do a lot of contacting this week.  We had some really great contacts this week.  One is named Soledad from Buenos Aires.  We found her knocking doors and well she’s a member but was so happy that we came to her door because she’s been needing to come closer to her Heavenly Father.  She started to cry and said, “I know that you are angels that he has sent to me”. Hopefully we can get to work reactivating and working with her kids and husband, whom I assume are not members.  It was a little moment that told me that the Lord really does direct us in all things.
Well transfer news is pretty big.  Hna Zanuttini is going to CALETA! woohoo.  I’m so excited for her because that area is golden.  She’s going to love it.  And well I am staying here in Rio Gallegos with a whole pile of work on my plate.  I’m going to be training, being a sister training leader and adopting an area (that’s keeping my area and taking over another one, my boundaries are the entire branch…. ).  You know what they say “the stronger the wind, the stronger the tree”!   Well lets just say that I’m going to be a whole lot stronger at the end of this transfer. woo.
Love you guys a whole lot.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you all next week. 
Good luck Jim and Susan! son re capos! The Dominican Republic is going to love you both!
pictures from Rosa

pictures from Rosa

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