“two hours to victory”


Hello my lovely family,

How is your wonderful week of springtime going?  I hope it’s been nice…. sigh.  I miss summer!  After almost 24 months of summer skirts and short sleeves, not to mention the 7 years of living in southern california, I’m not really digging the whole pasty white, wearing the same coat everyday winter life.  But it’s for a GREAT purpose so I guess I’ll go with it:)

This week was a little interesting.  Hermana Zanu got sick with the flu and stomach pains.   So we didn’t go out much.  Let me tell you I think it was more of a learning experience staying in than going out.  I learned that I need to love my companion enough to let her get better when really all I want to do is go out and knock some doors!  That’s right I said it.  And after waking up and doing the regular schedule, I was at a loss for things to do at 9 o’clock in the morning…  I managed to mend 3 skirts, wash 2 loads of laundry, clean the kitchen, paint my nails, watch the district, Legacy, Mountain of the Lord, Joseph Smith, a Restoration, and read a little of Jesus the Christ. 
We also had a conference with the area seventy President Gonzales.  We traveled to a city called Calafate which is where the active glacier is.. but we didn’t go to the glacier, and President missed his flight! haha.  We ended up having a short little meeting through skype on a little tablet screen. I  felt a little jipped because all the other zones got the full conference.  Never the less, I learned many things.  He told us the most important commitment that we can extend to an investigator, member, or menos activo, is to go to church!  It’s what will cause the most changes in Rio Gallegos and the most growth in the church.  Therefore, GO TO CHURCH!  He also talked about how we can help families the most.  That would be reading the Book of Mormon.  If we really treasure these words of the Book of Mormon and feel the spirit when we read, we can have successful families. It’s so true! It makes me remember when I was little and could barely read and we read as a family. I remember when it was my turn to read it took me so long to read one verse, sometimes Cade or Kai would get frustrated and mom would defend me:)  Mom your faith that you had in me helped me realize how important it is that EVERYONE read the Book of Mormon.  It’s what gives us strength and faith to accomplish our eternal goals.
Speaking of goals,  this Sunday our zone had a goal to accomplish our monthly goal of church attendance.  That meant 2 investigators for every companionship.  We fasted and prayed and invited everyone that we could.  Hermana Zanuttini and I didn’t have much time to get out there and find people to invite because she had been sick, but we put forth our best effort. That Sunday morning I didn’t know who else to call and it seemed that all was lost.  Seriously I prayed like every 5 minutes that someone could come to sacrament meeting.  Turns out a future investigator that we have never taught came!!  It was a miracle.  Later that day we set our monthly goals and with two hours to lose, we packed in lessons with members and new baptismal dates.  Our zone leaders were like, “Do all you can in these last two hours to have 2 lessons with members”!  Hermana Zanuttini and I were like, “Where should we go, what members could help us?”  We said a prayer and decided to go the Family Sampayo.  They invited a friend to come to their house and receive the lessons that night.  We taught her and set a date to bless her baby in church.  Then we went to another family and right then they had a friend over who wasn’t a member!  Woah!!!  Miracles happen.  I really love accomplishing goals 🙂
Well that’s all I’ve got. I love you all so much and I am super excited to see you and talk to you this week!!
Love ya,
You get the first bite!!

You get the first bite!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday!!!


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