“segundo piso”


Companions are the best!

Companions are the best!

Hello everyone!!!

I would like to make a formal anouncement that I officially am very old.  20 years really stinks and is the official way of announcing to everyone, “Hi, I’m an adult and there is nothing teen left of  me. I don’t have an excuse to be angsty or immature, because I’m 20 and I’m supposed to wear blazers and pantyhose and hang my clothes up in my closet!!?” what a drag.  haha!! LOL 

Besides the depression of being 20 years old, it has been a wonderful week!  We worked with the sisters in our branch to do their visiting teaching.  The sisters did 83 visits. Hooray!!  I think it’s the first time that it’s been done in South America.  Yeah, we are pioneers… haha.  I found myself being really stressed out this week because we weren’t getting our daily contacts done or finding new investigators.  But, we saw the fruits at the end of the week!  The Hermanas that we helped really do have trust in us as missionaries, which helps us help them.  I see a future of lessons with members!  Now we just need to find the investigators:)
We have this investigator named Angelica and she is golden.  She works for social services caring for a family of 4 orphaned brothers and sisters.  Hermana Zanuttini and her old companion found her “clapping” doors.  We had an amazing lesson with her this week, with a Miembro Justo , Hermana Mansilla.  The lesson was kinda long.. like 2 hours (that´s what happens when you get two chileans together) but the spirit was so strong!!  When we shared about the first vision. Angelica said “I want to meet him!” haha.  Something that I loved is that she realized how important it is that Joseph Smith was chosen by God, unlike the priests that study to be a religious authority.  I love that too, doctrinal knowledge and spiritual sensitivity are completely two different things. That those who are humble and willing to follow God are those who receive the responses to their questions from THEIR FATHER in heaven.  I hope that I can be more humble and trust in the Lord.  Sometimes I just go in automatic missionary mode when surely the spirit would guide me more effectively.  Hermana Masilla, miembro justo, was catholic before she was baptized and shared her testimony of how she came to know the church is true.  Angelica was touched by her sincerity.  We invited her to close the lesson with a prayer, asking Heavenly Father if our message was true.  She prayed…. and did not ask!  I don’t know why Satan works so hard on these people but that is usually the thing that they lack.  THE QUESTION.  I know that God responds to our prayers but we have to ask.  I guess we’ll get her next time. To be continued.
Nahir.  Nahir is doing well!  She didn’t come to church this week, but we were able to keep daily contact with her this week.  She has been praying to receive an answer as well.  We asked if she feelt like she had received an answer.  She told us that all the good things in her life come from the Church.  We shared with her Galations 5:22-23 which talks about the fruits of the spirit.  She said “thats exactly what I feel when I’m with you!”  During all the trials that she is going through, the gospel has been there to bring her the bit of peace she needs in her life.  Nahir has the answer now we just have to prepare her during this busy time in her life.
This week i am officially sick of flour.  I’m sick of bread, pasta, crackers, cookies, and all other forms of carbs that they eat here.  They don’t eat anything else:(  I would kill for like a salad or something like thst.  I also have developed a deep fear of diabetes and celiax disease…. hahah. A little glimpse of my “Argentina problems”.
My companion is from Santa Fe Argentina! She is of italian decent but is bean pole and very funny. She comes from a family of missionaries i think she’s like the 7th missionary in her family! She’s very compasionate and loves to hug…. (hugging is a little difficult for me) She has taught me so much being here gallegos. Because she is so compassionate she teaches so well. She really caters to necesesities of our investigators. Which calms down my “numbers obsession”. I love her. 
I love you all so much. I’m so thankful I was born into this world to come to know you all. To have such great examples to help me in this crazy world. I lean on your testimonies when i’m weak, I rely on your triumphs to give me hope, and remember your love when i feel alone.
love always, Annelies-ustki-icecream-carter
My 20th birthday in Argentina!

My 20th birthday in Argentina!

My apartment in Gallegos

My apartment in Gallegos

Laundry of stripes

Laundry of stripes


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