“La misionera rubia nueva”

Hello everyone!

Let me know if you get this email I don’t know how fast it works down here in the END OF THE WORLD. To give you an idea of what it looks like we take the beautiful city of Mesquite, Nevada make the population about 20% dog and put it in a freezer.  It’s not breathtaking but the 80% human population have bodies in which their precious souls occupy, those of which I am looking to save. haha.

This week has been a whole bunch of learning and working.  Rio Gallegos is a lot more calm than Caleta.  I feel super regretful for not talking to every person I saw in the street in Caleta because no one leaves their house here:(  But I’m super pumped to work this area!  This week we put 2 new people on date and have been seeing lots of miracles.  Hermana Zanuttini is not accustomed to planning with or working with members.  Hopefully I can help her get that going so that the members are more excited to help us out with their killer testimonies:)
Two of the my favorite moments of this week was 1. a lesson with an inactive member named Maria (they are all named maria haha).  We went to visit her with a the Relief Society President Herman Sampayo.  We planned on talking about the plan of salvation.  Luckily her friend Rosa came to visit just when we got there!  Rosa participated in our lesson and listened VERY intently. At the end of the lesson Hermana Sampayo asked her if she would like us to visit her as well.  Rosa said, “Of course and I would like them to visit my Dad too!”  When we went to visit her the following day we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! woohoo. 
Favorite moment 2. is our lesson with Angelica.  Angelica is a foster mom for a family of 4 orphaned children.  She’s catholic but seems to have lot’s of doubts.  She read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet before we came to her house and the loved the part about the spirit world.  We had a completely inspired lesson with a mix of almost everything in Preach my Gospel.  She has true desires to follow Jesus Christ, and she knows that we have been sent to her for a reason.
These two experiences helped me learn that the Lord really does place us in people pathways.  He has a plan and this work is inspired.  I’m looking forward to finding more miracles every day that tell me, “Yes!  You are doing the Lord’s will.”  What greater assurance could we ask for? 
I hope you are doing well!  Enjoy spring time, I on the other hand will be freezing my little buns off down here in the south pole.  BUT with a smile! 
Love always,
Hermana Carter

New Transfer Rio Gallegos

New Transfer Rio Gallegos

Sunset of the bridge we cross EVERY DAY

Sunset of the bridge we cross EVERY DAY

Fernando from Calet of Olivia. Crazy angry bird.

Fernando from Calet of Olivia. Crazy angry bird.


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