“La amiga gringa”

Hello my beautiful family,
I enjoyed reading all of your great letters and looking at your photos!  You guys are amazing:)  In our zone conference, my district leader talked about how we follow the examples of our brothers and sisters.  I thought about all the great examples you have set for me and how I need to get to work if I want to live up to your greatness!  Keep being sooo great, so I want to be great… haha

This is my last day in Caleta and I believe everyone will being crying because their blonde friend will be gone… (uhh probably not but it´s ok).   However our friend, Maria, who comes with us to a lot of our lessons, told me I was her best gringa friend, or her only gringa friend:)  That makes me happy enough!

This has been a fantastic week!  Lots of things happening, transfers, general conference, zone conference, packing, teaching, praying and all that good stuff in between!

First off we have been teaching Sharon and Paula and they are super capas!  They both are reading the Book of Mormon daily and praying daily.  When we asked how church went for Paula she said, “I loved it!  There was a fluidity and spirit that I felt.  Can you find me a book with all the church songs?”  AWESOME!  These girls are not normal!  They are PREPARED.  I’m sad that I won’t be able to see the rest of their progression, but I’m so happy to have been able to know them and teach them!  We read the Book of Enos with them and talked about prayer.  I love the example that Enos sets for all of us.  Prayer should not just be thoughts in our head, but an effort to communicate with our Heavenly Father.  Through his diligence in prayer, he did not accomplish all that he desired on this earth, but knew that he had completed the Lord’s will.  In the end he dies with the certainty that he will return to live with his Heavenly Father again.  Wow, I want to be like him and pray so faithfully that the Lord will always make his will known to me.  Sharon and Paula too, showed true desires to grow closer to their Heavenly Father.  They have received answers to their prayers and were so impressed that someone would invite them to receive these answers for themselves. Sharon told us that she was finally going to talk to her mom about baptism.  We’ll see what she said tonight! woohoo!

Argentino is doing really well!  He sent us like 10 messages during the conference saying, “I have experienced manifestations of the Holy Ghost in this conference!!” Wow!  He’s so crazy but I’m so glad that he is in the church and receiving guidance by the spirit and inspired leaders of the Lord. 

Conference was so great right?  The messages that I enjoyed the most would be the talk on “gratitude” https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/04/grateful-in-any-circumstances?lang=eng and the “loads in our truck beds”.  https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/04/bear-up-their-burdens-with-ease?lang=eng

These two talks help me realize that I should be grateful for the loads (burdens, obligations, privileges, responsibilities etc.) that I have.  That if I confront them with gratitude and faith they make me stronger and better.  I like the idea that the weight of the load is what got the man back on the road and home to safety.  Sometimes we only take on what we think we can handle, but I realized that I want to take ALL the yoke(connection with the Lord) upon me instead of only what I think I can handle.  I want to do it all! haha.  I know change takes time. But change won’t exist if I don’t desire the full picture!  Baptisms, lessons with members, greater measure of the spirit, better use of my language, and healthy and disciplined life!  We have to wish for the full picture!

I love you all so much!  Hope you are doing well and that you treasure the things you learned in conference.  I think the branch thinks I’m crazy I would ask everyone, “Are you excited for conference?!?!?” like every minute before it arrived.  I think my mom trained me well with a love for listening to the prophets of the Lord!  Way to go mom.

Happy Birthday Mommy, I love you so much and am so thankful for the love and faith that you have for the Lord! and for me!  haha!!   You are a beautiful, radiant, and fun mother.  I could not ask for anything more in this life! 

cuidense mucho! un abrazote!

la Hermana Carter


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