“estas mojado, ya no te quiero”

Hello hello everyone, happy almost April Fools Day!  It`s getting a little chilly down here in the Patagonia.  You’ll be calling me a penguin real soon, with blubber and all.  One cold day and we were given like 3 cups of tea and all fried food.  Mmmm delicious.

This week was yet another great week in the lovely vineyard of the Lord!  It looks like there are some prepared people waiting for us here in Caleta!  I looking forward to finding them this week. 
This week Argentino got the Priesthood, he was so excited he sent us like 3 messages after telling us that the Lord had called him to be a priest.  (I don’t remember how to spell that word)  I’m so happy that the branch is fellowshipping him so well.  There is a brotherhood forming between him and the leaders!  Woohoo!!
We are working a lot with Sharon and her friend Paula!  We taught the plan of salvation Tuesday, and they both know that they need to get baptized, but they don’t think that their Catholic parents will permit them.  I talked about how the Lord has a plan and that they have this opportunity to baptized for a reason.  The Lord has prepared them and they need to act in faith and the Lord will help them accomplish it just like Nephi and his brothers (nephi 3:7).  They are acting in their faith little by little.  Paula was so happy when her parents let her come to church on Sunday!  It was so cute her message that said, “I just asked my parents and I will see you in the church tomorrow! ” Imagine if we were all that excited to go to church! 
We couldn’t go to the women’s conference because of the time difference.  It started at 9 p.m. here! But I’m sure it was really cool!  I wanted to go.  I’m so excited for general conference, going to get spiritually fed this weekend.  I just hope I understand haha.  I just want to invite everyone to hear the prophet speak!  I know he’s called by the Lord and every time a Evangelico tells me I’m a prophet and that all of us are prophets, I get a little upset, but I try not to show it 🙂 
The last week of transfers is always the hardest for me.  But I’m feeling very excited to work hard this week!!  I know that I need to dedicate myself to be more obedient and diligent and I will see the miracles that I want to see. 
I sent a bunch of letters out!   Hopefully they get out to my friends out there in the world safely! 
I love you all and hope you have una semana re copada!
Love, Hermana Carter

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