Well this week has been great.. even if I didn’t realize that last week was St. Patrick’s Day!   That’s how Argentine I already am! woohoo!  

This week started with interviews with President.  He makes me laugh because he has a super Utah accent and says “mond-ee, tues-dee, wens-dee” oh how it made me miss my Grandma Carter.  I don’t know why… but I can be stressed for an entire transfer and when we start the interview, I don’t have anything to share with him.  I don’t cry, or stress.  It’s as if my problems  all went away haha.  I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.  Either way, it’s always a good interview.
After zone conference we did divisions with the Hermanas.  This transfer, our leader is Hermana Gudiño.  At first I thought it was going to be really weird because she was my trainer, but it was so cool because we felt like Alma and Amulek!  (I have always been jealous of zone leaders because they’re two stud missionaries working together, always thought that would be legit.  The Hermanas are always training greenies, have trial missionaries or something like that.  Quiero ser lidera de zona haha.)  This week there weren’t too many people in their houses, but we still found some potential investigators!  We are really working hard to contact… sometimes,  I just get tired of people saying “no” or giving me fake addresses, but I know that the Lord´s chosen are amongst all these people of Caleta, Olivia.
Good news this week!  Sharon accepted a baptismal date!  FINALLY.  She is so prepared but now it’s just a matter of talking with her family about her decision.  We had a lesson on the Sabbath Day, but she dances with the murga and it’s all on Sunday.  I don’t know if she really understood what the Sabbath Day is, because she didn’t come to church this week because of dance.  I guess I´ll have to explain it to her again.  Took me 17 years to get it straight, I’ll give her 2 more weeks haha.  Her friend Paola has a baptismal date as well!  They’re super great and so smart, ask the most intelligent questions about the gospel.
I ate the infamous blood sausage this week with a family.  I willingly partook of the almost black chorizo (sausage) and I liked it, until 3 a.m. when the bomb hit.  I was sick in bed for a whole day, vomiting for 12 hours straight… it was really not fun.  I think I should be good now.  I have an excuse that I’m officially too gringa to eat ALL the Argentine food.  The only sad thing is that we couldn’t  leave the apartment all day  Saturday!  It was really sad.  First time I’ve ever stayed in all day from missionary work:(  One day without the missionaries means a lot.  TAKE CARE OF THE MISSIONARIES.
I am really excited to work my hardest this week, help out our investigators progress and get them to church.  Thanks for all the prayers and love that you always send. 
Thanks to Sister Pucket, Staley, Cade, MJ, and of course my Amazing parents for making me
smile 🙂
Happy Birthday to the best DAD there ever was.  I love you and think of you all the time.  I like to imagine how you must have been as a missionary, valiently walking the streets of the Germany, bringing a smile to everyone’s face with your sense of humor, good looks, and sweet spirit! 
Today Maria is teaching me how to make empanadas, so I can make them when I get home! woohoo que rico.
I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to serve!  It passes incredibly fast but I’m trying to treasure every moment I have with my blessed name tag!!


 "9 month" tradition for the mission half-way mark

“9 month” tradition for the mission half-way mark

the wings are from traditional carnival, murga costumes!

the wings are from traditional carnival, murga costumes!

Making empenadas!

Making empenadas!

The iguana, "tequila"!

The iguana, “tequila”!


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