“manga de perjil”

IMG_0323[1]Happy March 17th, everyone!  Isn’t it such a great day, March 17th?  I think
it is.  I hope you are all doing great!  I, as well, am doing great!!

This week we have had so many amazing experieces and it all starts
with monday night with Jessica and Nelson.  All of our appointments
fell through that night and we were a little disappointed.  Kicking
ourselves out of the door at 18:00 that night, even though Jessica
wasn’t responding to our messages, we decided to go and see how
they were doing.  When we came into their house the kids were running
around, and they were cleaning the house.  It was a little crazy, but
when we saw what was going on, we dropped our bags and got to work.
Cleaning the dishes, gathering fallen peaches from outside… and other
things until everything got settled down.  We read with them 2 Nephi 31.
They were really concerned with baptism and how they can be prepared
to be baptized.   As we explained that the purpose of baptism is to show
our willingness to follow Christ and if we really want to follow the
will of the Son and the Father we have to ask him.  We invited them
then to kneel in prayer and express all their questions and to ask for
guidance.  Nelson offered one of the most sincere prayers I have ever
heard.  After, he expressed to us that he had never said those
things to the Lord before.  With teary eyes he told us, “I know that
you guys were sent to my home by God.  You invite the spirit into my
home.  There is a peace I’ve never felt before.”  It was a great lesson.
We met with them a couple times this week but still haven’t had
the opportunity to teach them the Law of Chastity!  I’m anxious to get
the elephant out of the room that they have to get married before they
get baptized!  But good news was that JESSICA came to church!!  Next
week the whole family for sure.

Hmmm… other miracles this week… well this weekend was Argentino´s
baptism!  We organized EVERYTHING for him so that he would have a very
peaceful pre-baptism week.  That’s exactly how it turned out!  We
visited him every day and he was exceptionally calm the entire week.
His baptism was March 15, at 6:00.  Of course he anxiously arrived at 5:30
and the members showed up at 6:30… haha.  After all the waiting we
had an amazing baptismal service.  He’s about 80 years old and was
baptized by a 70 year old, Hermano Bordon. haha!  It was a nail biter, but
it all turned out great.  I was so happy that Argentino could finally
commit to the will of the Lord and be baptized in his church.  I could
see a change in him and that he has another chance to be better!

This week we couldn’t teach Sharon because she dances for the
Caranaval each year.  But we are looking forward to teaching her and her
friend together this week!  Hopefully we can give her a baptismal date!
woo hoo.

Hope all is well in the United States!  Happy spring fever!  Should be
coming around soon!  Sadly winter is looming here in the Patagonia…
I’m a little scared but I’m getting prepared! haha!!!

Love you all a whole lot!

Hermana Carter

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