“hey gringa que haces acá?”

Hey family! Do you know that I love you lots?

Well it was a crazy week with lots of changes.  There still is no water
in Caleta! It’s really gross and makes the people very angry.  Knocking
doors was really interesting because they would always tell us that
they were super busy with the subject of water…. but the thing is,
without water you literally can’t do anything!  No cooking, cleaning,
bathing, nada. It’s a pretty lame excuse to not listen about Jesus. 🙂

This week Martin and Paula got back from vacation in Cordoba.  We had a
great lesson with them about the plan of salvation.  For the first time
he was asking questions and said “I need to start reading more to know
if this is true!”.  FINALLY, he got it.  Hermana Baldeon bore the most
powerful testimony about eternal families and everyone could feel that
our Heavenly Father really permits us to live with our families
forever.  I also watch the old church movie “Together Forever” every
morning:) haha!  Like I said last week, families are the most important
thing we can have in this life.  There is no success that can make up
for failure in the home.

We also found a new investigator named Sharon.  She’s 16 and is
awesome.  We came to teach  her the first lesson with one of the young
women, and without us knowing, they already knew each other!  Inspired!
We had a great lesson with her. She is so smart and asks amazing
questions.  I’m really looking forward to helping her understand her
purpose here on earth and to be an example for her family!

Today I read an awesome scripture in Helaman chapter 3.  It talks
about how the doors of heaven are already open.  They are open to all
those who WANT to believe in Christ.  Sinner, saint, short, tall, all
people are capable of returning to live with the Lord.  I hope and pray
that the Lord can bless me with his eyes so that I can help his dear
children return and live with him!

Dad, your story made me laugh so hard.  You such a tender little thing
when you try not to cry haha.  I miss you and love you too!

Mom, I love you and am sending a letter to you guys soon!  I may or
maynot have written it a long time ago but it’s quality stuff.

Thanks aunt Joan for the letter!  You are the cutest and I’m happy to
hear that we have a family castle in England!  So cool!

Love you all and I am sending love from down south.

Hermana Carter



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