caleta sin agua….

Well this week has been interesting… according to the title of this
weeks letter it ended with the entire city of Caleta without water.
Thats right, no showers, no toilets, no cooking, no washing clothes,
no washing dishes…. oh how I miss the United States sometimes.  haha!

Well this week we had a few very eventful moments.  All having to do
with Argentino, who had a baptismal date to be baptized Saturday, 15th
of February.  We were working with this really hard.  Lessons every night,
and he talks a ton, so like a 2.5 hour lesson every night!  Every night
we left feeling better and better about his chances of actually
getting baptized.  Until….. the interview.  We had done the interview
questions before, but with the time issue we hadn’t gotten to ONE
question, that says,  “If you have committed a serious crime or
anything like that.”  Well after his interview he was super mad.  He told us that
he’s never going to get baptized…. all because of that question.  We
were able to have a great talk with him the following day.  We were able
to commit him to continue searching for his testimony of this gospel.
Herman Baldeon and I felt so bad that this had to happen.  We are now
starting from ground zero with Argentino.

From this experience I have learned many things.

1.  Always prepare your investigators with loving care (doesn’t matter if they are grown
men… Satan is real and will make them tick at any weakness that they

2.  That the Lord has a time table and a plan for every one.

We are going to keep working on getting Argentino PREPARED for baptism,
most important is that he receives his own personal testimony that he
cannot deny.

This week we had 3 less active families at church!  I love it, except
they go running off  after sacrament meeting.  But I was so happy to see them
there and that they acted on their spiritual promptings to go to the
House of the Lord.

One of our lessons this week, we visited a part member family and
talked about the Liahona.  The Liahona, the guide that led Lehi and his
family to promise land.  It appeared out of nowhere outside of Lehi’s
tent.   I wondered to myself if Lehi had  just looked at this trinket and
said, “That´s weird,” and threw it aside.  They would have never gotten
to the promised land.  But with the guidance of personal revelation the
family was able to use the Liahona to it’s best ability.  We have so
many Liahona’s in our life.  Many of them we keep pretty, by our beside
collecting dust, or left aside for the use of others.  We need to all
be like Lehi and us all the tools the Lord has given us to endure to
the end.  Scriptures, prayer, church, prophets, leaders, parents,
guides of all types.  If we seek after Him, we can align our will with
His and find happiness in this life AND the life to come!  This is
going to be my goal this week, let me know how many Liahonas you´ve
found in your life.

Dad, you asked me about families en la Patagonia…. well they don’t
really exist.  There are more broken homes, or unmarried families than
I have ever seen.  Given that my comparison is Orange Country
California.. haha.  People don’t believe in marriage and because of
this, the teens here are more lost than ever.  I have gained such a
testimony of families here on my mission.  They are the most important
thing that we have on this earth and we should do all we can to
cherish them forever.  A young couple in our branch returned from the
temple this weekend and bore their testimonies.  I almost died!  They were
the cutest things ever up there smiling so hard they could barely
talk.  Family is happiness both of which are very rare things in this

I love you all more than I can put in words.  I love this work and love
knowing that I can help people have their own eternal families!


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