“New ways bring results”

Hello family! I am here in a cyber with a space bar that is broken…
It’s really annoying:)  You may have to do a lot of spellcheck. ahhhh!!

Well this week started with…Zone Conference! It was 6 or 7 glorious
hours of training.  I love it when the zone conferences give us a bunch
of new ideas  in order to do missionary work better!  Also I love seeing Hermana
Rogers because she reminds me of mom:)  She always teaches with a lesson
plan 🙂  I was asked to translate for her for a while and it was really hard!!

So this week we went about applying all the new things we learned.
First we taught a lesson to active members to get references!  We
taught the restoration with cups and it was really fun and also
incredibly spiritual.  We all could feel that this gospel really was
restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and through his faith we
have the joy of the gospel.  We received 2 references!  By the end of
the week we had contacted 6 references, (we usually average about 2
each week).  Even though not every reference leads to a new investigator,
if the members and we are in tune with the spirit the Lord will guide
us to where we need to be!

We also applied a counsel given from Hermana Rogers, to always have a
lesson plan and teach it in a memorable and spiritual way.  Saturday we
taught Argentino the doctrine of Christ.  We taught with a member who
is CAPA, Hermana Salaz, an example that is awesome!  But more
than that we all felt the spirit so strong.  Argentino experienced a
change during this lesson and it brought so much joy to ALL of us!  In the 
beginning he was talking about how he can’t do this, can’t do
that, and that he is a sinner and we are saints.  I testified to him
that these feelings come from Satan and it is his way of keeping us
from making saving convenants with the Lord–like baptism.

Well the time keeps on passing faster and faster…it scares me haha.
But I’m so thankful to be here in Argentina serving the Lord and his
children.  I love you all and appreciate all your love and support!

Take care of your selves! (cuidense) 🙂

Love always Hermana Carter


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