“Leche Nevada”

The title of this week’s letter is “Leche Nevada”.  It’s this disgusting
dessert that we had to eat, which consists of eggs, sugar, and
milk….. it has weird, marshmallow marrange (i don´t know how to spell it,
that dessert that is made of egg whites) floating in really sweet egg
yolk, milk mixture.  I pictured Dad or Staley just about fainting at
the sight of it.  I remember when she brought it out, my companion was
all…. “What is it?”

This week had DIVISIONES, when our sister training leader and her
companion come to Caleta and we work really hard. haha!  Sister Molina
(STL) always inspires me to find new investigators and be willing to
talk to EVERYONE!  Even though a ton of our appointments fell through
we walked all day through the wind, rain, hot and cold and contacted
lots of previous investigators and new investigators.  I love coming
home, feeling that I have really worked hard, it’s the most satisfying.  I
could be teaching all day or walking all day, but the fact that I did
my best always brings a smile to my face.

So we are still teaching Argentino and he’s very interesting.  He struggles
with understanding the doctrine, because he has so many bits and pieces
from doctrines of other churches, history, stories and everything.
He’ll give us an answer at the beginning which is GOLDEN and then
continue talking until he has left himself, me and my companion totally
confused. We told him he needs to be humble like a little child, I
don’t know how he felt about that haha. Good news is he came to church
with a loaf of homemade bread for us!

This week at church there were so many people there!  They all came
back from vacation and I was so happy to see my happy, willing,
helpful members!  They are so great and we had an awesome spiritual
testimony meeting.  There is a couple of youth who have received or will have
received mission calls and they bore their testimonies.  I love how
excited they are to serve the Lord, especially because the gospel has
come to them in such a miraculous way, that they are so willing to
share it with others.  Speaking of amazing youth, Mica received an
amazing blessing this weekend.  She told me that her Mom and Brother
got baptized February 1st!!  So proud to have had the opportunity to get
to know her and her family.  She’s Capa.

This week we went to see the Sea Lions of Caleta Olivia.  I learned
that they are very fat and ugly.

Do you know you are fat?

Do you know you are fat?

Also I taught Hermana Baldeon how to make pancakes… boy that was a big
mistake because she asked me to make them for her at 10 o´clock at
night and she ate like 4 with buttermilk syrup!!

Pancakes anyone?

Pancakes anyone?

Until Next Week!

Hermana Carter

Ice Cream anyone??

Ice Cream anyone??


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