Hi Everyone!

Well the title of this weekly report means “blonde”.  I have had a series
of blonde problems this week and not the ones you might be thinking of.
Blonde problems in Argentina are, that everyone in this country cannot
resist but to stare at a blonde!  I don’t know what I’ll do when I go
back to the US and I’m not so special!! 

Saturday I probably received more than a dozen cat calls.  But the one
that topped it off was the car that stuck their cell phone out the
window to snap a quick picture of the rare blond creature in an
unusually long skirt! haha!!

Also our investigator Argentino (yes that is his real name, which
would be like naming your daughter American…) told me I was the
Queen of the United States.  I am not sure what that means but it was

Well some cool things that happened this week are that Argentino came
back from vacation and wanted to get baptized.  He is a little crazy, but
reads the Book of Mormon a lot and really wants to know for himself
that the church is true.  Our first lesson with him, we went through the
baptismal interview questions and put him on date for the 15th of
February.  I love using the baptismal interview questions for those who
have doubts about being prepared for baptism.  It helps both the
missionaries and the investigators to really know what they need to do to
be prepared for baptism and usually it gives them peace of mind that
baptism really is the door to the classroom where we truly come to
understand God’s plan for us.

Some good news that I heard this week is that Caleb (baptism from
Puerto Madryn) is currently serving a mini mission in Comodoro.  He is
a full time missionary for 6 weeks.  Doing everything a missionary does
for 2 years!  I am so happy to hear that he is being diligent in
understanding and learning more about this gospel.  He is standing in
holy places and allowing himself to feel the spirit guide him!  He is
CAPO (capo and capa mean like really awesome or like a stud)…. And
Mica emailed me a couple weeks ago and said that she is going to go to
the temple soon with our branch, and that her Mom and brother are now
taking the missionary discussions and attending church!

This week I have my first asado. it was delicious. Argentines know how
to cook meat.

Mom the house is beautiful! You are all beautiful people and are sure
to find people who are waiting to be your friends in Azusa. (if not
friends, wise old mentors 🙂 )

Thanks for all the support and love you give to me.  I feel your
prayers lift me out of bed everyday!  I think you are all wonderful.

Love always,

Hermana Carter


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