“Iré y Haré”

Hello Family!

I’m sure it’s been a crazy week with all the changes going on in the Carter home.  I guess in order to make me feel more connected to you, change had to come my way too!  Well Hermana Winters is off to Ushuia to serve with the other Hermana Carter (but she´ll always know which one she loved first right? haha) and I am off to Comodoro to pick up my new NEW companion from the mission home.  Yes I’m training a REAL newbie this time and I’m scared out of my mind.  What if I ruin her?! 

There´s something about mission work (and i think life too), that you never really feel like you know what you are doing or if you are doing it all right.  But that’s where faith comes in right?!  I always think about nefi (Nephi) when he was asked to get the plates from King Laban with his four brothers.  He was faithful from the beginning sayin, “I will go and I will do the thing that the Lord has commanded me.”  He trusted that the Lord would guide him.  He had to try 3 times before he accomplished this specific commandment of the Lord and his trials included conflicts with his brothers, loosing all that he owned monetarily, and following the promptings of the spirit.  I know that I’m not the perfect missionary… and never will be… but, I know that the Lord will guide me to the things that I need to do if I am diligent and try my hardest to fulfill this calling that he has given me.
This week has been a great week! We have been teaching this Joven named Jose, who is 15 years old and is in a wheel chair.  He’s so shy and doesn’t talk much, but I always feel the spirit when we are teaching him. We teach with a recent convert Carolina, who is shy and a bit awkward but her faith is undoubting.  She is willing to walk with us all over the city but doesn’t want to pray in the lessons.  I think she’s kinda perfect for Jose.  I am looking forward to explaining to Jose what this gospel is really about, it’s not just a bunch of rules that men created, but inspired guidance that makes us feel free!! 
We have some investigators Marcia and Darío who have been investigating forever.  We have been visiting them a lot less because they won’t keep any commitments.  Saturday their names were just running through my mind.  So finally when all of our appointments fell through, we walked all the way to the house… very far away, haha,  and we got the opportunity to talk to Marcia alone.  Hermana Winters and I have such a strong feeling that we shouldn’t give up on them.  That we have to really show that we love them and help them feel the spirit.  If they’re not able to do it on their own… we are going to do it with them!  We walked to their house at 9 in the morning because their phone was not working and they still didn’t come to church.  Kids!  They just don’t know what’s good for them!  Wish me luck on getting this young couple to find this precious gospel in their life when all the world around them tells them that it’s irrelevant! 🙂
Love you alll sooo much!  Hope you have a great day
cuidense mucho!
Hermana Carter
Who says I can't cook!  Fahitas anyone?

Who says I can’t cook! Fahitas anyone?


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