MOSTAZA- hamburgesas en serio

Hello Family

How are you all doing?  I can´t believe it’s already 2014!   Time really flies when your having fun and have a meaningful activity planned for every hour and a backup too! ha ha!
The title of this letter is a fast food restaurant that has caught Hermana Winter´s and my eye all transfer. We finally went and the hamburgers are gigantic.  The marketing tactics really got to us because it was really expensive too! Oops!
This week was New Years and we spent it with an investigator of the Elders.  She invited us and we couldn’t say no or she wouldn’t get baptized! haha (that´s still up in the air).  Her name is Alta Gracia from The Dominican Republic and she is legitimately crazy!  They had worldly music blasting all through dinner which didn’t help my ability to focus on understanding her accent.  She made tons of Argentine food with a huge bowl of rice and beans.  It made me miss my rice and beans days in Utah!  She bought us Disney princess sparkling cider and Coca-cola because we are Mormon and  from the US.  It was very thoughtful.  We ended with some fireworks and her 4 year old twins were screaming “fuego” for like an hour. 
This week our goal was to work on increasing our lessons with members!  And we achieved our goal!! Woohoo!  We were successful with everyone except for one!  I was pretty stoked about that this week, even though we haven’t found anyone who will accept the baptismal invitation… they did get to have a lesson with members!  Sometimes you have to celebrate the small victories:)
One of the new investigators that we have I´m really excited about.  His name is Jose, he’s 15 and he’s in a wheel chair.  His mom is a Jehova’s Witness (small issue) and his Dad organizes a youth club for kids who don’t have a good home life.  The next time we come we’re going to teach when all the kids are there, which should be really cool. So we taught the the plan of salvation.. and I was so excited to tell Jose that one day he´s going to have a Celestial Body! (like Dad´s haha) I love how these kids were so attentive and shy, but I could tell that this was stuff they had never heard before and they liked it!  My favorite part of being a missionary is telling people that they are loved children of God!  It’s the best.  Looking into these kids eyes, I could really tell that they were his children and He loved them so much.  One of my mission goals right now is to love more, be more like Christ, and spread His love as best as I can.
I had to have my first “Charla Franca” this week (bad cop talk with investigators who aren´t progressing).  It ripped me to shreds:(  I felt like the worst person ever, but I did it because I love them.  Marcia and Darío know everything but aren´t willing to act.  I told them that we’re so annoying about church and reading because we love them and that their answer isn’t going to come if they don’t act.  I called them Sunday morning to see if they we’re coming to church and they said yes!  But… they didn´t show.  Hermana Winters and I were watching the district and one of the Sisters said, “Being a missionary helps me understand a little bit more of how Heavenly Father feels about me when I know something is good and I refuse to do it.”  It’s sad to see people not grab onto the things they know are right, and I´m sure it hurts our Heavenly Father even more.  If this is how I feel about someone I met a month ago, I´m really not looking forward to parenting! haha!
I’m still receiving Christmas cards!  And all of them have been such a nice surprise,  Shauri’s family, Sproul, Douglas, Uncle Bryson, the Berthas, and more! It was so nice to receive a cute card and a meaningful  “I love you! ”  from my family and friends.  They add a lot of pizazz to my desk too! 
DADDY! Good luck on your first day of work.  I hope you dressed to impress that’s all that really matters on any first day, (at least that´s what I’ve learned from years of empty backpack, first days of school! haha)!
MOM! I love you and by the end of this month Hermana Winters and I will be able to do plank for 4 minutes!  Send a photo of your new CASA!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STALEY!! (I remembered without facebook) I love and miss you a ton. You’re kinda old.
Besitos- Hermana Carter

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