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Hi Everyone!

Well the title of this weekly report means “blonde”.  I have had a series
of blonde problems this week and not the ones you might be thinking of.
Blonde problems in Argentina are, that everyone in this country cannot
resist but to stare at a blonde!  I don’t know what I’ll do when I go
back to the US and I’m not so special!! 

Saturday I probably received more than a dozen cat calls.  But the one
that topped it off was the car that stuck their cell phone out the
window to snap a quick picture of the rare blond creature in an
unusually long skirt! haha!!

Also our investigator Argentino (yes that is his real name, which
would be like naming your daughter American…) told me I was the
Queen of the United States.  I am not sure what that means but it was

Well some cool things that happened this week are that Argentino came
back from vacation and wanted to get baptized.  He is a little crazy, but
reads the Book of Mormon a lot and really wants to know for himself
that the church is true.  Our first lesson with him, we went through the
baptismal interview questions and put him on date for the 15th of
February.  I love using the baptismal interview questions for those who
have doubts about being prepared for baptism.  It helps both the
missionaries and the investigators to really know what they need to do to
be prepared for baptism and usually it gives them peace of mind that
baptism really is the door to the classroom where we truly come to
understand God’s plan for us.

Some good news that I heard this week is that Caleb (baptism from
Puerto Madryn) is currently serving a mini mission in Comodoro.  He is
a full time missionary for 6 weeks.  Doing everything a missionary does
for 2 years!  I am so happy to hear that he is being diligent in
understanding and learning more about this gospel.  He is standing in
holy places and allowing himself to feel the spirit guide him!  He is
CAPO (capo and capa mean like really awesome or like a stud)…. And
Mica emailed me a couple weeks ago and said that she is going to go to
the temple soon with our branch, and that her Mom and brother are now
taking the missionary discussions and attending church!

This week I have my first asado. it was delicious. Argentines know how
to cook meat.

Mom the house is beautiful! You are all beautiful people and are sure
to find people who are waiting to be your friends in Azusa. (if not
friends, wise old mentors 🙂 )

Thanks for all the support and love you give to me.  I feel your
prayers lift me out of bed everyday!  I think you are all wonderful.

Love always,

Hermana Carter


“Mi refuerzo”

Well I picked up my little trainee!  Her name is Hermana Baldeon and is Peruvian, but has lived in Buenos Aires for like 5 years.  She is 21 ( I still have yet to have a companion younger than me). Really cute and really nice.  Poor thing, I think I’ve destroyed her little legs, walking all over Caleta.  The MTC really does need to do a training program to teach them how to speed walk.  It takes us like a half an hour to get anywhere.  Who knew I would be a physical trainer and a missionary trainer!!  haha.  It is really interesting training someone who speaks Spanish because I have no idea how they feel.  I was always searching for words to say when are started their mission and for them they just want to say all the words they know! haha.  Every minute of everyday I feel like I’m leaving an impression on her of how mission work should be. It kind of freaks me out. Yikes!

This week we put Jose on date!  He’s the cutest kid ever and is in the toughest situation.  His parents are divorced.  His dad struggles with his faith (really needs the gospel in his life) and his mom is Jehova Witness.  There are so many issues going on in his life and I know if he can just put the Lord first, they will all be so greatly blessed.  This week we shared the Restoration movie with him!  And I loved talking about how Joseph Smith, who was about the same age as Jose, our investigator, searched for his own truth and held to it faithfully.  Today we have the restored gospel because of his willingness to follow the will of the Lord.  I just love this kid!  He’s awesome.
This weekend we did a Fast with Juan and Neli to help them confront the issue of marriage so they can be baptized!  We started it with a dinner at their house.  Neli reached in the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine and poured a huge cup for Juan!  I nearnly died. I  was like Juan! this whole time we’ve been working on cigarettes and you’ve been drinking wine?!” Everyone laughed and showed me it was with out alcohol hahaha.  Anyways, we started the fast and I really hope it will all work out.  We didn’t get the chance to close the fast with them but I know that if they really fulfilled it with real intent, that the Lord will guide them and strengthen to keep the commandments of God. 
I’m really looking for some miracles this transfer!  Keep us in your prayers as we look for the Lord’s elect here in Caleta Olivia!
Mucho Amor
Hermana Carter

“Iré y Haré”

Hello Family!

I’m sure it’s been a crazy week with all the changes going on in the Carter home.  I guess in order to make me feel more connected to you, change had to come my way too!  Well Hermana Winters is off to Ushuia to serve with the other Hermana Carter (but she´ll always know which one she loved first right? haha) and I am off to Comodoro to pick up my new NEW companion from the mission home.  Yes I’m training a REAL newbie this time and I’m scared out of my mind.  What if I ruin her?! 

There´s something about mission work (and i think life too), that you never really feel like you know what you are doing or if you are doing it all right.  But that’s where faith comes in right?!  I always think about nefi (Nephi) when he was asked to get the plates from King Laban with his four brothers.  He was faithful from the beginning sayin, “I will go and I will do the thing that the Lord has commanded me.”  He trusted that the Lord would guide him.  He had to try 3 times before he accomplished this specific commandment of the Lord and his trials included conflicts with his brothers, loosing all that he owned monetarily, and following the promptings of the spirit.  I know that I’m not the perfect missionary… and never will be… but, I know that the Lord will guide me to the things that I need to do if I am diligent and try my hardest to fulfill this calling that he has given me.
This week has been a great week! We have been teaching this Joven named Jose, who is 15 years old and is in a wheel chair.  He’s so shy and doesn’t talk much, but I always feel the spirit when we are teaching him. We teach with a recent convert Carolina, who is shy and a bit awkward but her faith is undoubting.  She is willing to walk with us all over the city but doesn’t want to pray in the lessons.  I think she’s kinda perfect for Jose.  I am looking forward to explaining to Jose what this gospel is really about, it’s not just a bunch of rules that men created, but inspired guidance that makes us feel free!! 
We have some investigators Marcia and Darío who have been investigating forever.  We have been visiting them a lot less because they won’t keep any commitments.  Saturday their names were just running through my mind.  So finally when all of our appointments fell through, we walked all the way to the house… very far away, haha,  and we got the opportunity to talk to Marcia alone.  Hermana Winters and I have such a strong feeling that we shouldn’t give up on them.  That we have to really show that we love them and help them feel the spirit.  If they’re not able to do it on their own… we are going to do it with them!  We walked to their house at 9 in the morning because their phone was not working and they still didn’t come to church.  Kids!  They just don’t know what’s good for them!  Wish me luck on getting this young couple to find this precious gospel in their life when all the world around them tells them that it’s irrelevant! 🙂
Love you alll sooo much!  Hope you have a great day
cuidense mucho!
Hermana Carter
Who says I can't cook!  Fahitas anyone?

Who says I can’t cook! Fahitas anyone?

MOSTAZA- hamburgesas en serio

Hello Family

How are you all doing?  I can´t believe it’s already 2014!   Time really flies when your having fun and have a meaningful activity planned for every hour and a backup too! ha ha!
The title of this letter is a fast food restaurant that has caught Hermana Winter´s and my eye all transfer. We finally went and the hamburgers are gigantic.  The marketing tactics really got to us because it was really expensive too! Oops!
This week was New Years and we spent it with an investigator of the Elders.  She invited us and we couldn’t say no or she wouldn’t get baptized! haha (that´s still up in the air).  Her name is Alta Gracia from The Dominican Republic and she is legitimately crazy!  They had worldly music blasting all through dinner which didn’t help my ability to focus on understanding her accent.  She made tons of Argentine food with a huge bowl of rice and beans.  It made me miss my rice and beans days in Utah!  She bought us Disney princess sparkling cider and Coca-cola because we are Mormon and  from the US.  It was very thoughtful.  We ended with some fireworks and her 4 year old twins were screaming “fuego” for like an hour. 
This week our goal was to work on increasing our lessons with members!  And we achieved our goal!! Woohoo!  We were successful with everyone except for one!  I was pretty stoked about that this week, even though we haven’t found anyone who will accept the baptismal invitation… they did get to have a lesson with members!  Sometimes you have to celebrate the small victories:)
One of the new investigators that we have I´m really excited about.  His name is Jose, he’s 15 and he’s in a wheel chair.  His mom is a Jehova’s Witness (small issue) and his Dad organizes a youth club for kids who don’t have a good home life.  The next time we come we’re going to teach when all the kids are there, which should be really cool. So we taught the the plan of salvation.. and I was so excited to tell Jose that one day he´s going to have a Celestial Body! (like Dad´s haha) I love how these kids were so attentive and shy, but I could tell that this was stuff they had never heard before and they liked it!  My favorite part of being a missionary is telling people that they are loved children of God!  It’s the best.  Looking into these kids eyes, I could really tell that they were his children and He loved them so much.  One of my mission goals right now is to love more, be more like Christ, and spread His love as best as I can.
I had to have my first “Charla Franca” this week (bad cop talk with investigators who aren´t progressing).  It ripped me to shreds:(  I felt like the worst person ever, but I did it because I love them.  Marcia and Darío know everything but aren´t willing to act.  I told them that we’re so annoying about church and reading because we love them and that their answer isn’t going to come if they don’t act.  I called them Sunday morning to see if they we’re coming to church and they said yes!  But… they didn´t show.  Hermana Winters and I were watching the district and one of the Sisters said, “Being a missionary helps me understand a little bit more of how Heavenly Father feels about me when I know something is good and I refuse to do it.”  It’s sad to see people not grab onto the things they know are right, and I´m sure it hurts our Heavenly Father even more.  If this is how I feel about someone I met a month ago, I´m really not looking forward to parenting! haha!
I’m still receiving Christmas cards!  And all of them have been such a nice surprise,  Shauri’s family, Sproul, Douglas, Uncle Bryson, the Berthas, and more! It was so nice to receive a cute card and a meaningful  “I love you! ”  from my family and friends.  They add a lot of pizazz to my desk too! 
DADDY! Good luck on your first day of work.  I hope you dressed to impress that’s all that really matters on any first day, (at least that´s what I’ve learned from years of empty backpack, first days of school! haha)!
MOM! I love you and by the end of this month Hermana Winters and I will be able to do plank for 4 minutes!  Send a photo of your new CASA!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STALEY!! (I remembered without facebook) I love and miss you a ton. You’re kinda old.
Besitos- Hermana Carter