“mi nuevo añito”

It´s so weird that I talked to you guys last week!  It felt so normal and so not normal at the same time!  I loved seeing all of your shining faces through the computer screen.  I felt like  we were all at the same dinner table and it made me happy.  Thanks for all your love and support and sorry about the internet cut out #southamericaproblems.

Even though it was the holidays, Hermana Winters and I are improving every week.  Even though people are brutally honest about my spanish, I still feel like I´m making a difference as a missionary.  I guess one of my new years resolutions should be learn the language I was called to serve in, right? 
Christmas in Argentina is like Fourth of July in the U.S.  They eat a bunch of food where shorts and sandals, and shoot off fireworks!  Fireworks with out U.S. government regulation is so legit. HaHa!  I was scared for my life for a little because they were shooting off from every direction, but it was awesome to see the whole city lit up with fuegos artificiales!
This Christmas experience was super awesome!  I just realized how happy I was to be with such an amazing companion and to really desire only one thing, that the people in Caleta Olivia really remember the reason for Christmas! 
This week we experienced some more miracles!  They may not be big ones but every one counts right 🙂  I found out that in Caleta Olivia there are 700 members….. church attendance 100!  And we can only work one at a time so I will share a story about Antonela.  Atonela got baptized in August and has already stopped going to church completely. She was one of the first people I visited here in Caleta Olivia and I just really liked her.  She´s so honest when talking about feelings about the gospel.  It’s not like most, where we have to dig for their doubts.  We’ll open the scriptures and she just lays all her doubts on the table!  I love it.  Antonela has a really hard time with the concept of Religion. She’s  got the whole “God exists” thing down, but the organization really get’s to her.  We went to visit her one day and we read from Alma 32 about faith (this was our magical chapter this week).  I asked her what faith meant to her and some how it took her to agency! (2 Nephi 2:27).  The commandments that really are hard for her to keep are tithing and the word of wisdom.  She said she’s going to try to keep the word of wisdom again!  And for that I was really happy.  This week I learned that it really doesn´t matter what we share as long as we follow the promptings of the spirit.  The spirit will direct the lesson to where it is supposed to go and the results will follow.  I have faith that Antonela will be able to see the blessings of keeping the commandments.  One step closer to understanding that this gospel really is of God. 
My new goal is to study the Doctrine and Covenants from start to finnish!  It’s the best because all these revelations that were given to Joseph Smith, can be applied so well to my life right now!  Fulfilling callings, hastening the work of the Lord and being faithful amidst trials.   Really if we love the Lord our God, we will work with all our might this instant.  Because this time is His and we don’t know how much time we have left!  As I approach the New Year, I am really looking forward to applying some of the next goals I want to accomplish as a missionary.  As I’m trying to transition from greenish to full grown, I really hope to refine my commitment to work with my heart, might, mind and strength because this is really the Lord´s work!! (D&C 64:34-35)
Love you all with all my heart! Happy 2014!! You are all the BEST in the whole world.
Love Hermana Carter

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