“Soy una hija de Dios!”

Well one week down and I´m still alive!  Not going to lie, it´s pretty tough training in an area that you don´t know in a language you don´t know! haha!!  However, I love Caleta Olivia! I love our area and our members.  I feel like I´m at home with them.  It´s awesome.  The weather is brisk with the wind.  It´s no joke!  Sometimes we get blown sideways and it makes arriving to our desired destination pretty difficult:) 
Even though it was a pretty slow week, we saw a lot of miracles.  One I would like to call Monica 1.  Monica 1 is a new investigator we found this week while walking to another appointment.  She said she had a little bit of time right then and we actually went into her house and talked to her (this never happens).  She has two children that are grown, one with mental disabilities.  She told us the experiences in her life that have led her to know that God exists and knows her personally.  Wow she´s had a rough life.  I left her the plan of salvation pamphlet and set a return appointment with her this week.  The cool part was, we were walking yesterday and saw her again.  She told us I´ll be waiting for you chicas!! ha
Monica 2 is an investigator that my companion and her companion have been working with.  She has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and everything, she just doesn´t like going to our church.  She goes to an Evangelical church and loves it!  She has been inviting us to go for a while.  With permission from our Zone Leaders we told her we could go to her church if she would go to our church.  Wow was that an experience.  I know I should be used to getting weird looks all the time being a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl down south… but never have I felt more eyes on me. haha.  But, they we were all really nice and welcoming.  When we left I knew without a doubt that though they had the faith they lacked the completeness of the Gospel of Christ.  Well I think we´re going to have to go back until Monica gets baptized.  So more stories about the Evangelical church haha.
I finished the Book of Mormon this week! You know…. the study of the atonement assignment!  Well I finished this week and I was so happy.  I love the Book of Mormon so much!  Every page brings you closer to Christ.  If we have doubts, problems, trials, it’s a guarantee that the Book of Mormon will help overcome these weaknesses that we have.  Hermana Winters and I have been trying really hard to follow up on every investigator, member, and less active´s reading of the Book of Mormon.  We know that if people can receive a testimony of this book everything falls into place!  So all of you at home. READ.  Even if you don´t understand, you will be filled with the “Joy” that you are keeping the Lords commandments.
The title is referring to the Primary program! It was the cutest thing ever and I love the line that says “para que algun dia yo con el pueda vivir!”

Just like I´m working as hard as I can to return and be with my fam in cali, we are all here searching and learning as much as we can, so that we can live with our Heavenly Father, but we need to be like these little niños and rely on His wisdom always!


1. ciao Puerto Madryn!
2. Gorosito- caleta olivia
IMG_0110[1] IMG_0150[1]
This is crazy Hermana Atencio… sometimes she would accompany us to lessons but we would have to pick her up 30 minutes early and walk with her. I told her that we were taking a cute picture and this is her face! Ahh, I miss her already.

Until next week,



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