Caleta Olivia!

Well surprise!

I´m now in a new area south of Comodoro called Caleta Olivia. It´s very windy. haha. And hey guess what? I´m now finishing my new companion´s training as Senior Companion. We´re both gringas and we both have faith that the gift of tongues is going to pull us through. I was so surprised when the transfer news came in. I guess the Lord´s will isn´t always what we think! 

My last week in Puerto Madryn we saw so many miracles! One of them was my last lesson there with Jose’ and Alejandra. They came to church that Sunday for the first time and we had a family home evening at their house. We asked Jose’ (who isn´t a member and his wife is inactive) if he had read the Book of Mormon since our last visit? He said he did, and he felt something he has never felt before while reading a book. He said he felt like the words were speaking directly at him. WOW! Talk about perfect, right? We then invited him to be baptized December 21 and he said YES! The most tender part is that when he told his wife she cried she was so happy. We have been praying for weeks for complete families that can be prepared to enter into the temple and here they are! Miracles happen!!!!!
I´m so happy the family is doing well! PASADENA wooo!! I knew if Kai came home to a different home and Cade came home to a different home, the chances were high that I would come home to a different home. Carters are consistent that´s for sure!! haha Love you all and I am so grateful for the support that I have from you all.
Mom and Dad, I got your Christmas card and grandma’s necklace!! I cried. haha classic. You guys are the best!
More to come about the adventures of Hermana Carter and Winters lost in translation…. haha
Love Hermana Carter

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