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“mi nuevo añito”

It´s so weird that I talked to you guys last week!  It felt so normal and so not normal at the same time!  I loved seeing all of your shining faces through the computer screen.  I felt like  we were all at the same dinner table and it made me happy.  Thanks for all your love and support and sorry about the internet cut out #southamericaproblems.

Even though it was the holidays, Hermana Winters and I are improving every week.  Even though people are brutally honest about my spanish, I still feel like I´m making a difference as a missionary.  I guess one of my new years resolutions should be learn the language I was called to serve in, right? 
Christmas in Argentina is like Fourth of July in the U.S.  They eat a bunch of food where shorts and sandals, and shoot off fireworks!  Fireworks with out U.S. government regulation is so legit. HaHa!  I was scared for my life for a little because they were shooting off from every direction, but it was awesome to see the whole city lit up with fuegos artificiales!
This Christmas experience was super awesome!  I just realized how happy I was to be with such an amazing companion and to really desire only one thing, that the people in Caleta Olivia really remember the reason for Christmas! 
This week we experienced some more miracles!  They may not be big ones but every one counts right 🙂  I found out that in Caleta Olivia there are 700 members….. church attendance 100!  And we can only work one at a time so I will share a story about Antonela.  Atonela got baptized in August and has already stopped going to church completely. She was one of the first people I visited here in Caleta Olivia and I just really liked her.  She´s so honest when talking about feelings about the gospel.  It’s not like most, where we have to dig for their doubts.  We’ll open the scriptures and she just lays all her doubts on the table!  I love it.  Antonela has a really hard time with the concept of Religion. She’s  got the whole “God exists” thing down, but the organization really get’s to her.  We went to visit her one day and we read from Alma 32 about faith (this was our magical chapter this week).  I asked her what faith meant to her and some how it took her to agency! (2 Nephi 2:27).  The commandments that really are hard for her to keep are tithing and the word of wisdom.  She said she’s going to try to keep the word of wisdom again!  And for that I was really happy.  This week I learned that it really doesn´t matter what we share as long as we follow the promptings of the spirit.  The spirit will direct the lesson to where it is supposed to go and the results will follow.  I have faith that Antonela will be able to see the blessings of keeping the commandments.  One step closer to understanding that this gospel really is of God. 
My new goal is to study the Doctrine and Covenants from start to finnish!  It’s the best because all these revelations that were given to Joseph Smith, can be applied so well to my life right now!  Fulfilling callings, hastening the work of the Lord and being faithful amidst trials.   Really if we love the Lord our God, we will work with all our might this instant.  Because this time is His and we don’t know how much time we have left!  As I approach the New Year, I am really looking forward to applying some of the next goals I want to accomplish as a missionary.  As I’m trying to transition from greenish to full grown, I really hope to refine my commitment to work with my heart, might, mind and strength because this is really the Lord´s work!! (D&C 64:34-35)
Love you all with all my heart! Happy 2014!! You are all the BEST in the whole world.
Love Hermana Carter

“Regocijad Jesus Nació”

Well the time has come.  My Christmas in the mission has arrived and I´m so excited!  I realize that I have been so blessed to be here as a missionary, proclaiming the true meaning of Christmas!  This week has been such a great week of ups and downs,  like every week on the mish, but as I knelt in prayer this morning, I thought to myself,  “This is the most amazing experience, to really dedicate my whole self to bringing to pass God´s plan.” 

This week has been the week of finding new investigators.  We have had to prayerfully consider that some of our current investigators are not progressing or keeping commitments.  Thus begins the search for the Lord´s elect.  I have also gotten a lot better about talking to EVERYONE.  Something that I have struggled with… my whole life haha.  Today we have appointments with all new investigators, so i´m very excited to set baptismal dates and really help these people develop a relationship with their Father in heaven! 
One of our new appointments we have today is with a girl named Laura.  We found her through a missionary/member activity that we have been doing for the last 2 weeks.  Which is singing Christmas hymns at member´s friends homes tuesdays and thursdays.  It´s been an amazing way to find new investigators and simply spread the spirit of Christmas to those in Caleta Olivia!  Well we went to Laura´s house to sing to her whole family, but not everyone was there, but she still wanted us to sing!  As she stood there in anticipation (feeling a little awkward I´m sure), we started to to sing Joy to the World!  Immediately tears were brought to her eyes.  We felt the spirit so strong!  She told us that she couldn’t explain how much this experience meant to her.  That we were like angels in her home.  It was amazing!  She came to church too!
Through all the ups and downs of this week I can really see how the Lord is guiding us to the people who are in need of His gospel.  Sometimes I don´t even know why we work.  We will put all of our effort into doing all that we can to find, teach, and baptized and all of the fruits just come from miracles! haha!  This really is the Lord´s work. 
As a Gift to all of you this Christmas season, I would like testify that I know my Savior lives.  That He really died for each and every person who has walked the face of this earth.  That it is only through his infinite mercy that we can feel true happiness.  I know that he established his gospel on the earth and that is was restored through a prophet and seer, Joseph Smith.  I´m so thankful for the faith of Joseph Smith.  That he was stalwart and unchanging amidst so much tribulation.  If it wasn’t for his faith, we would never have the knowledge that we have today, of which brings us so much happiness.  I testify that Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet and I know if we live by the teachings, revelations, and doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will one day return to meet our Savior and brother Jesus Christ.  How amazing will that day be! If we live in such a way that He will embrace and know that we are His for the things we have done in this life. 
Merry Christmas!

“Walking milanesas”

Well it´s been another great week and it´s getting kind of hot!   So you know how I feel about that. We were talking to a hermana and she told us we´re gonna look like walking milanesas (milanesa is a dish consisting of thin slices of veal, beef or chicken which have been dipped into an egg wash, coated with breadcrumbs) during summer, because the wind picks up the dirt which will stick to our sweaty skin.   How cute huh!?

This week Hermana Winters and I have been trying to focus on realizing how much the Lord directs our path!  Sometimes we get so frustrated when we have 4 scheduled appointments that all fall through, but at the end of the day we see where our feet have traveled and how many people we were supposed to see that were not in our carefully planned day. haha!   One instance was when I left our phones in the cyber when we went to get photocopies of our weekly register of investigators.  We had to go all the way back to the cyber to get them back.  However, just when we left the cyber we saw one of our investigators and we were able to help her out.  But that made us late to another appointment we had, and the neighbors said they had just left… we left disappointed having exhausted all of our plans.  We decided to try to contact some references that we had not been able to contact yet.  And well they we´re both home and we got return appointments with them both.  It´s kind of crazy how God works.  Right?  We plan with faith, we are obedient with faith, and he just takes care of the rest.  He really is directing our paths to those who truly need us. (this may sound like a really dumb story but I liked it! ha!)

We have a very old couple that we recently put on date this week!  They always attend church and are super awesome.  We taught the first lesson to them again and put them on date to be baptized.  They were super excited.  I then asked them about their wedding, of which does not exist. haha.  Turns out that they can´t get married because if they do, she will lose all benefits of her diseased husband´s life insurance and they will be left with nothing.  Talk about a downer!  Well we went back and taught about the law of chastity and I shared  I Nephi 3:7 with them.  We challenged them to pray with faith that they would encounter a way that they can get married.  We too are going to ask some government officials if there are any benefits for old retired couples who get married.  I know that if they have faith sufficient, the Lord will provide a way for them to keep the commandments.  And he has already blessed them so much for their faith.  I can´t imagine what is awaiting them.

Since ALL of our investigators need to get married.  I have been studying obedience and I came across a scripture in D&C 130:20-21. Which says, that it´s a law in heaven that all blessings come from obedience to the commandments. The Lord HAS to bless us if we are obedient. It´s not by chance that those who do the Lord´s will are happy.  It´s fulfillment of the law by which our Heavenly Father lives.  Pretty cool!!

That´s all for this week. More to come about the Peeps here in Caleta Olivia.

…´s really hot. 🙂

Love you!!!!! Merry Christmas!

“Soy una hija de Dios!”

Well one week down and I´m still alive!  Not going to lie, it´s pretty tough training in an area that you don´t know in a language you don´t know! haha!!  However, I love Caleta Olivia! I love our area and our members.  I feel like I´m at home with them.  It´s awesome.  The weather is brisk with the wind.  It´s no joke!  Sometimes we get blown sideways and it makes arriving to our desired destination pretty difficult:) 
Even though it was a pretty slow week, we saw a lot of miracles.  One I would like to call Monica 1.  Monica 1 is a new investigator we found this week while walking to another appointment.  She said she had a little bit of time right then and we actually went into her house and talked to her (this never happens).  She has two children that are grown, one with mental disabilities.  She told us the experiences in her life that have led her to know that God exists and knows her personally.  Wow she´s had a rough life.  I left her the plan of salvation pamphlet and set a return appointment with her this week.  The cool part was, we were walking yesterday and saw her again.  She told us I´ll be waiting for you chicas!! ha
Monica 2 is an investigator that my companion and her companion have been working with.  She has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and everything, she just doesn´t like going to our church.  She goes to an Evangelical church and loves it!  She has been inviting us to go for a while.  With permission from our Zone Leaders we told her we could go to her church if she would go to our church.  Wow was that an experience.  I know I should be used to getting weird looks all the time being a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl down south… but never have I felt more eyes on me. haha.  But, they we were all really nice and welcoming.  When we left I knew without a doubt that though they had the faith they lacked the completeness of the Gospel of Christ.  Well I think we´re going to have to go back until Monica gets baptized.  So more stories about the Evangelical church haha.
I finished the Book of Mormon this week! You know…. the study of the atonement assignment!  Well I finished this week and I was so happy.  I love the Book of Mormon so much!  Every page brings you closer to Christ.  If we have doubts, problems, trials, it’s a guarantee that the Book of Mormon will help overcome these weaknesses that we have.  Hermana Winters and I have been trying really hard to follow up on every investigator, member, and less active´s reading of the Book of Mormon.  We know that if people can receive a testimony of this book everything falls into place!  So all of you at home. READ.  Even if you don´t understand, you will be filled with the “Joy” that you are keeping the Lords commandments.
The title is referring to the Primary program! It was the cutest thing ever and I love the line that says “para que algun dia yo con el pueda vivir!”

Just like I´m working as hard as I can to return and be with my fam in cali, we are all here searching and learning as much as we can, so that we can live with our Heavenly Father, but we need to be like these little niños and rely on His wisdom always!


1. ciao Puerto Madryn!
2. Gorosito- caleta olivia
IMG_0110[1] IMG_0150[1]
This is crazy Hermana Atencio… sometimes she would accompany us to lessons but we would have to pick her up 30 minutes early and walk with her. I told her that we were taking a cute picture and this is her face! Ahh, I miss her already.

Until next week,


Caleta Olivia!

Well surprise!

I´m now in a new area south of Comodoro called Caleta Olivia. It´s very windy. haha. And hey guess what? I´m now finishing my new companion´s training as Senior Companion. We´re both gringas and we both have faith that the gift of tongues is going to pull us through. I was so surprised when the transfer news came in. I guess the Lord´s will isn´t always what we think! 

My last week in Puerto Madryn we saw so many miracles! One of them was my last lesson there with Jose’ and Alejandra. They came to church that Sunday for the first time and we had a family home evening at their house. We asked Jose’ (who isn´t a member and his wife is inactive) if he had read the Book of Mormon since our last visit? He said he did, and he felt something he has never felt before while reading a book. He said he felt like the words were speaking directly at him. WOW! Talk about perfect, right? We then invited him to be baptized December 21 and he said YES! The most tender part is that when he told his wife she cried she was so happy. We have been praying for weeks for complete families that can be prepared to enter into the temple and here they are! Miracles happen!!!!!
I´m so happy the family is doing well! PASADENA wooo!! I knew if Kai came home to a different home and Cade came home to a different home, the chances were high that I would come home to a different home. Carters are consistent that´s for sure!! haha Love you all and I am so grateful for the support that I have from you all.
Mom and Dad, I got your Christmas card and grandma’s necklace!! I cried. haha classic. You guys are the best!
More to come about the adventures of Hermana Carter and Winters lost in translation…. haha
Love Hermana Carter