Estoy agradecida por BATATA?

Hi family!

How has your Thanksgiving been! I´m sure sub par, because I´m not there. However on the other hand there is probably a surplus of left overs because I´m not there. Hungry girl with an appetite here!! haha

Well this week for Thanksgiving I bought what I thought was a sweet potato just for fun. They call it Batata. Well it was not really what I was expecting. haha! Oh well, it was worth a try! Instead I ate tortellini and bread. PASTA FOR DAYSSS.
This week has been pretty great. Tuesday we had exchanges and our Sister Training Leader Hermana Perez came with me to my area. This is the first time I have ever taken the lead in my area in matters of calling and setting appointments, directions, and directing lessons. I was a little nervous but it turned out really well! That day we had 5 lessons with members and 3 new investigators! woohoo:)  I like exchanges! I thinks it´s because I like change. I am always trying to learn new ways to be a better missionary. Seeing how others work here in Argentina fascinates me. With Hermana Perez I was taking notes like crazy. 
This week has been the week of new investigators. We are going to try our best to work with these new investigators to help them progress and really experience the JOY of the gospel. That means we are going to be on their toes about reading, praying and going to church. Hermana Gudino always says “Si no somos pesadas para los investigadores, somos pesadas para Dios” basically saying that if we are burdens for our investigators we are burdens to God haha. I love it. She literally has no shame on pushing people to keep commitments. 
This week I gave my first talk in CASTILLANO! I was supposed to give a talk last week in church but because we did not have any water our sacrament meeting was a little crazy. So this week I gave my talk on missionary work. I based it on President Ballard´s talk in the most recent General Conference. Hopefully I shared something that they
A. Understood and B. Felt a desire to act on.  If not, hopefully they felt the spirit. Our branch President told me he was worried that I was going to struggle, (how kind of him) but in the end he told me I did a very good job. 
Hope all of you are having a wonderful week . Remember that we all have a mission here on this earth, to help our  fellow brethren reap the blessings of exaltation. Elder Holland said “we´re talking about ETERNITY here.” The salvation of our neighbors is not a light subject. We all have a duty to preach the gospel in every word, deed, and moment of our lives. 
Love you!
Hermana Carter

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