“No Temais”

Another wonderful week in  the city of Puerto Madryn.  I think I’ve been spoiled because everyone says the Puerto Madryn is the best.  What awaits me after this?!! haha  No, Puerto is really awesome. 

This week we had Zone Conference! Zone conference is really different in this mission because all the cities are so spread out.  Our zone conferences are about the size of a district in SLC.  We had 6 Elders and 4 Hermanas meeting with President and the APs.  It was a really spiritual day!  We studied a lot of scriptures and discussed ways to become better missionaries and people.  We studied the story of Enoch and how he was called to preach to a city of sinners.  We know that in the end, this city is ultimately translated into the heavens for being so righteous.  But in the beginning it started with a young man who wasn’t very eloquent or powerful.  I thought to myself… “hmm that sounds a lot like me.  19 years old.  Speaking spanish.  Far from home with little experience in life.”  But if you read this story in Moses: 6&7, you’ll find that the Lord filled his mouth with prophetic words and guided him to lead and protect these people.  All we need to do as mere mortals is confide in the Lord and not fear ANYONE.  I’m working on that!  One thing that is really frustrating about living in a different country is that I feel like there is a bubble between me and people.  I’m really working on being more out going and brave so that the people will develop a greater trust in me.
Some other miracles that happened this week is we found 3 new investigators, 2 from part-member less active families.  I know that the Lord brings about miracles if we have faith in Him. Hermana Gudiño and I went out every day with faith that we would find new investigators, and even though a lot of our appoinments failed, blessings came about!
I feel more and more comfortable here in Argentina with every passing day.  It is definitely an adjustment, but I am so thankful for this learning experience.  I love you all tons and you are always in my prayers!!
Feliz Dia de Gracias!!
Eat some peanut butter for me.
Hermana Carter

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