Viento Patagonica

Viento Patagonica

Buena Buena

Hey family what´s up? Do ya miss me 🙂 I´m happy to hear you are all well and taking care of each other! Tell the Mendioriz family I am thinking of them and that they are in my prayers!

This been another great week down south in Argentina! If you take away the two days I was sick with a cold of course 🙂 We been working really hard on the millions of inactives in our ward and trying to help them grow there faith and get back to church. It saddens me to see these people who know EVERYTHING but still still struggle to do anything about it. Often times it is guilt, inconvenience, or social pressure from their family or friends. We have been sharing a lot about Jesus Christ and his atonement. I have such a strong testimony that Jesus Christ really suffered all the He suffered for me and for every person who walks the face of this earth!

It´s just so amazing how we can gain strength from that knowledge everyday. Hopefully they are starting to know this for themselves too.

I also experienced Patongonina wind this week! Woah it was so crazy! my hair was cemented in a ponytail and I had dirt everywhere possible.

Our branch started practicing to sing Christmas songs in the Plaza for the Christmas season. It´s painful to hear these dear people sing. Sometimes it makes me giggle but i have to hold it in! They can´t follow a tune for the life of them, but their hearts are full of the spirit of Christmas and they are such valiant members of this church. It´s amazing. I was leading the sacrament hymns on Sunday (without a piano) and I just loved looking out at the few people who were there. Their smiling faces brought me such joy. I pictured them all in white as if we were gathered together in the Celestial Kingdom and I thought to myself, there are more who are prepared to be dressed in white, and I´m going to find them here in Puerto Madryn. Remember that every soul has the potential to be saved. I challenge you guys to look at the people you see throughout the day, dressed all in white. You will begin to understand a little of what the Lord sees when he looks down upon his children.

Love you all tons!

Dawning the man coats

Dawning the man coats

My new hair dresser: wind and sand!
My new hair dresser: wind and sand!


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