“Tortillas de arena”

Hola familia!

Wow has this week been a week of learning! Even though it went by so fast I can´t believe all the things that have happened!

Well the most important thing is that we had 2 baptisms this weekend

Baptisim of Micaela and Caleb!

Baptisim of Micaela and Caleb!

! They are both 18 years old and the only members in their family. We h

ad 80 people at the baptism (more than come to church haha) and we made cake and everyone loved it! haha The baptism really was amazing.  When I saw these two young kids getting baptized on their own accord without much help from their family, I could not help but think about Jesus Christ and his example. He was baptized to fulfill all righteousness and because of that His Heavenly Father said “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. I knew that Heavenly Father was looking down on them with a huge smile on His face. He loves them so much!!! The next day was Fast and Testimony meeting and they were both invited to bare their testimonies. They both said that they KNEW that this was true church and the right road for them to follow. It is amazing that in just one week Mica and I were able to grow so clo

se.  It was a very cool weekend.  

One thing that I like about working with the youth is that they like to hear about life in the US and they ask me to translate music haha. Mica loves the Beatles and she asked me what “Eleanor Rigby” was about.

In other news, I don´t know if you know this… but i´m in a different country right now. haha. This week was very adventurous. I made my first Argentine cake (with dulce de leche in the middle) I ate deer milanesa. I walked a full day in the pouring rain. I only spoke a couple sentences in English. At times I feel guilty having lived in a country so wonderful as the United States. But I know I´m here to give them something so wonderful and precious. I´m here to help them follow the example of Jesus Christ and continue the road to eternal life! It´s pretty awesome.

les amo! que tengan una buena semana! hasta lunes.

Hermana Carter




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