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Estoy agradecida por BATATA?

Hi family!

How has your Thanksgiving been! I´m sure sub par, because I´m not there. However on the other hand there is probably a surplus of left overs because I´m not there. Hungry girl with an appetite here!! haha

Well this week for Thanksgiving I bought what I thought was a sweet potato just for fun. They call it Batata. Well it was not really what I was expecting. haha! Oh well, it was worth a try! Instead I ate tortellini and bread. PASTA FOR DAYSSS.
This week has been pretty great. Tuesday we had exchanges and our Sister Training Leader Hermana Perez came with me to my area. This is the first time I have ever taken the lead in my area in matters of calling and setting appointments, directions, and directing lessons. I was a little nervous but it turned out really well! That day we had 5 lessons with members and 3 new investigators! woohoo:)  I like exchanges! I thinks it´s because I like change. I am always trying to learn new ways to be a better missionary. Seeing how others work here in Argentina fascinates me. With Hermana Perez I was taking notes like crazy. 
This week has been the week of new investigators. We are going to try our best to work with these new investigators to help them progress and really experience the JOY of the gospel. That means we are going to be on their toes about reading, praying and going to church. Hermana Gudino always says “Si no somos pesadas para los investigadores, somos pesadas para Dios” basically saying that if we are burdens for our investigators we are burdens to God haha. I love it. She literally has no shame on pushing people to keep commitments. 
This week I gave my first talk in CASTILLANO! I was supposed to give a talk last week in church but because we did not have any water our sacrament meeting was a little crazy. So this week I gave my talk on missionary work. I based it on President Ballard´s talk in the most recent General Conference. Hopefully I shared something that they
A. Understood and B. Felt a desire to act on.  If not, hopefully they felt the spirit. Our branch President told me he was worried that I was going to struggle, (how kind of him) but in the end he told me I did a very good job. 
Hope all of you are having a wonderful week . Remember that we all have a mission here on this earth, to help our  fellow brethren reap the blessings of exaltation. Elder Holland said “we´re talking about ETERNITY here.” The salvation of our neighbors is not a light subject. We all have a duty to preach the gospel in every word, deed, and moment of our lives. 
Love you!
Hermana Carter

“No Temais”

Another wonderful week in  the city of Puerto Madryn.  I think I’ve been spoiled because everyone says the Puerto Madryn is the best.  What awaits me after this?!! haha  No, Puerto is really awesome. 

This week we had Zone Conference! Zone conference is really different in this mission because all the cities are so spread out.  Our zone conferences are about the size of a district in SLC.  We had 6 Elders and 4 Hermanas meeting with President and the APs.  It was a really spiritual day!  We studied a lot of scriptures and discussed ways to become better missionaries and people.  We studied the story of Enoch and how he was called to preach to a city of sinners.  We know that in the end, this city is ultimately translated into the heavens for being so righteous.  But in the beginning it started with a young man who wasn’t very eloquent or powerful.  I thought to myself… “hmm that sounds a lot like me.  19 years old.  Speaking spanish.  Far from home with little experience in life.”  But if you read this story in Moses: 6&7, you’ll find that the Lord filled his mouth with prophetic words and guided him to lead and protect these people.  All we need to do as mere mortals is confide in the Lord and not fear ANYONE.  I’m working on that!  One thing that is really frustrating about living in a different country is that I feel like there is a bubble between me and people.  I’m really working on being more out going and brave so that the people will develop a greater trust in me.
Some other miracles that happened this week is we found 3 new investigators, 2 from part-member less active families.  I know that the Lord brings about miracles if we have faith in Him. Hermana Gudiño and I went out every day with faith that we would find new investigators, and even though a lot of our appoinments failed, blessings came about!
I feel more and more comfortable here in Argentina with every passing day.  It is definitely an adjustment, but I am so thankful for this learning experience.  I love you all tons and you are always in my prayers!!
Feliz Dia de Gracias!!
Eat some peanut butter for me.
Hermana Carter

Viento Patagonica

Viento Patagonica

Buena Buena

Hey family what´s up? Do ya miss me 🙂 I´m happy to hear you are all well and taking care of each other! Tell the Mendioriz family I am thinking of them and that they are in my prayers!

This been another great week down south in Argentina! If you take away the two days I was sick with a cold of course 🙂 We been working really hard on the millions of inactives in our ward and trying to help them grow there faith and get back to church. It saddens me to see these people who know EVERYTHING but still still struggle to do anything about it. Often times it is guilt, inconvenience, or social pressure from their family or friends. We have been sharing a lot about Jesus Christ and his atonement. I have such a strong testimony that Jesus Christ really suffered all the He suffered for me and for every person who walks the face of this earth!

It´s just so amazing how we can gain strength from that knowledge everyday. Hopefully they are starting to know this for themselves too.

I also experienced Patongonina wind this week! Woah it was so crazy! my hair was cemented in a ponytail and I had dirt everywhere possible.

Our branch started practicing to sing Christmas songs in the Plaza for the Christmas season. It´s painful to hear these dear people sing. Sometimes it makes me giggle but i have to hold it in! They can´t follow a tune for the life of them, but their hearts are full of the spirit of Christmas and they are such valiant members of this church. It´s amazing. I was leading the sacrament hymns on Sunday (without a piano) and I just loved looking out at the few people who were there. Their smiling faces brought me such joy. I pictured them all in white as if we were gathered together in the Celestial Kingdom and I thought to myself, there are more who are prepared to be dressed in white, and I´m going to find them here in Puerto Madryn. Remember that every soul has the potential to be saved. I challenge you guys to look at the people you see throughout the day, dressed all in white. You will begin to understand a little of what the Lord sees when he looks down upon his children.

Love you all tons!

Dawning the man coats

Dawning the man coats

My new hair dresser: wind and sand!
My new hair dresser: wind and sand!

“Tortillas de arena”

Hola familia!

Wow has this week been a week of learning! Even though it went by so fast I can´t believe all the things that have happened!

Well the most important thing is that we had 2 baptisms this weekend

Baptisim of Micaela and Caleb!

Baptisim of Micaela and Caleb!

! They are both 18 years old and the only members in their family. We h

ad 80 people at the baptism (more than come to church haha) and we made cake and everyone loved it! haha The baptism really was amazing.  When I saw these two young kids getting baptized on their own accord without much help from their family, I could not help but think about Jesus Christ and his example. He was baptized to fulfill all righteousness and because of that His Heavenly Father said “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. I knew that Heavenly Father was looking down on them with a huge smile on His face. He loves them so much!!! The next day was Fast and Testimony meeting and they were both invited to bare their testimonies. They both said that they KNEW that this was true church and the right road for them to follow. It is amazing that in just one week Mica and I were able to grow so clo

se.  It was a very cool weekend.  

One thing that I like about working with the youth is that they like to hear about life in the US and they ask me to translate music haha. Mica loves the Beatles and she asked me what “Eleanor Rigby” was about.

In other news, I don´t know if you know this… but i´m in a different country right now. haha. This week was very adventurous. I made my first Argentine cake (with dulce de leche in the middle) I ate deer milanesa. I walked a full day in the pouring rain. I only spoke a couple sentences in English. At times I feel guilty having lived in a country so wonderful as the United States. But I know I´m here to give them something so wonderful and precious. I´m here to help them follow the example of Jesus Christ and continue the road to eternal life! It´s pretty awesome.

les amo! que tengan una buena semana! hasta lunes.

Hermana Carter