no llores para mi argentina!

Wow this has been a crazy week! I had my first Zone Conference and it was so awesome! We had Elder Don L. Clark from the Seventy come to teach us. I was so inspired over the past couple of days to be super successful in all that I do. 

my top 5 things that i learned this week:
1. “Love problems, love life” – find joy in overcoming your problems and life will always be joyful.
2. “We must fear no man” – there was a story about an Italian missionary serving in England after WWII. Because of all the social conflict, Italians weren’t the most welcomed there in that country. He went in with fearlessness resulting in 100 baptisms when the mission average was 2 a year!
3. “Knowledge comes before faith” – When teaching investigators, sometimes we as missionaries see the end goal approaching a little too soon and we end up shoving all of our information down their throats. They can never have faith if they don’t know what they are believing in! Thus teach slowly and with clarity.
4. ” First run with your heart, then run with your head, and then run with your feet” – if we want to be the best we have to feel it even before we do it. As missionaries we help people keep commitments to help them grow and change to become more like christ. Sometimes we come off as pushy or annoying, but If we do all things with true love in our hearts all our invitations will appear to be purely for the benefit of our investigators. 
5. “Happy always, content never”- One thing that Elder Clark really taught me is how to find success in LIFE! To never be content with where you are at and to work smart to achieve your goals. He worked so hard to get where he is, I wanna be just like him!
Well this week I also got some good news! I’m leaving for Argentina this W
ednesday! I can’t believe that day has actually come! I was so lucky to hear the news directly from my mission president. I was so touched when he said with tear filled eyes “If we had the desires of our hearts, you would be a Salt Lake City missionary for the rest of your mission” He truly loves each of his missionaries and I was happy that I did him proud these past 3 months. I know there are people waiting for me down in Argentina and I can’t wait to find them. I love them already.
My experience here in Layton has been amazing I have honestly seen that these people were put in my path for a reason. God truly has
 a plan!
Love you all so much!!
Hermana Carter
My landlord rocks!  Sister Smith you are the best!

My landlord rocks! Sister Smith you are the best!


From Pumpkin

From Pumpkin Mr. Peanut!

…to Mr. Peanut!



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