“por que estas alegra?”

Hi Everyone!

! hope you are all doing well!  This week has been rainy and full of laughter… so good, I think.

Of all the wonderful things that have happened this week, one of the most major changes would be my new companion, Sister McNelly, from Louisville Kentucky.  She is chill and likes peanut butter too!!  Soul mates I would assume?!  She’s the best step mom anyone could ask for.  I love how excited she is about the work and her true love for the people.  She’s not about numbers at all which is right up my ally.

Since we got a newbie in the area, we have been introducing her to a lot of our investigators and recent converts.  We had the opportunity to have dinner with the long time investigators, La Familia Prado.  They are graduating from the english lessons with our service missionaries and are really great.  We invited them to come to a Temple Square tour on Sunday and they were really excited! (they hadn’t been for at least 15 years).  This was my first tour with the Temple Square sisters and it was really cool.  They started off the lesson at the Christus, explaining how we all lived with our Heavenly Father in the pre-earth life and how we can know that He is our Father through the love we feel on this earth.  We then went down to the “Scripture and Revelation” area where we talked about our earth life and importance of the prophets to guide us. Which led into the divine calling of Joseph Smith to restore Jesus’s Gospel on the earth once more. This comprehensive lessons were awesome but they finished with a movie called “God’s Plan” which focuses on families, and how they can be eternal!  I was so touched and I knew that they felt the spirit as well.  There is something so cool about serving in Salt Lake where there are so many resources to help us teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone!  The strength of the Church is evidence of it’s truthfulness and people can see that here.  Like it says in Matt 7:20 “by their fruits they shall know them!”

We struggle the most with getting our awesome investigators to church… 9:00 a.m. is just a tad early for these people’s only day off!  But something I’ve learned is that we have to do ALL that we can do, to help these people feel God’s love and His spirit guiding their life.  So, Sunday morning we’re calling our investigators hoping that maybe the ringing of their phone will stir them from their slumber.  When nothing was working, McNelly said “Come on we’re going to their house.”  I was so nervous that we were going to look like Church Nazis but when they opened the door and we asked if she needed help with getting her 3 little girls ready, she was so surprised and so happy! I loved it and the fact that she got to come to church and she even participated in the lessons!  Vani’s the best, and the best part is I can already see the change the gospel has made in her life.

This weekend I was exceptionally tired.  You know like the tired where you’re half delusional.  I don’t know if McNelly trusts me as a sane person, but it’s ok we’re having a great time.

Thanks so much for all your letters and words of wisdom.  I have such amazing examples in my life.

Keep sharing your love and gospel!
Hernana Carter:)


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