“quieres mas hermana?”

Well another wonderful week here in Layton ,UT!  It’s still hot and school’s in session!

This week was filled with meeting, meetings and more meetings.  We had a mission wide meeting where President Hansen shared with us the new mission vision.  It’s always nice to have new goals and new visions for the work.  For me I was really inspired to study and apply “Preach my Gospel” to my lessons and really see it have an impact on my work here!  Something unique about the mission vision is to bring back inactivos.  For every baptism they want us to bring back an inactive for at least two sacrament meetings.  And our new logo is Moroni with the title of liberty… cool huh?

We had some pretty good lessons this week with the people we have on date.  Vani came to church this week with her kids, and we stopped by just to see how she was doing one day.  We sang her Divina Luz (lead kindly light) and invited her to pray before we left.  It was so spiritual and she just started to cry during her prayer.  I know that the gospel strengthens us all and helps us overcome challenges, that is one of my favorite parts of missionary work.  It really does make you happy inviting others to come unto Christ!

Transfers are this week and changes are coming.  So my mom, Sister Adorable is headed out to Kaysville, and sister Lisonbee and I are getting a burnt out trainer… yipee! ha ha!  Lisonbee decided that our goal for this transfer will be obedience.  It can be done!  I’m excited I’m staying because of all our wonderful investigators we’ve got on date!  It’s gonna be a great 6 weeks.

This week has been the week of food!  I try to eat really slow so that I won’t have to look ungrateful when they ask me if I want more!  We had a dinner appointment this week, where the member was late, so while she was cooking she offered us cake… huge slices of tres leches. Then we sit down to some delicious tacos mexicanos, and we start eating. Lisonbee finished first and the husband said “Quieres mas hermana” (want more) and she politely said no thank you.. however they kept on asking!  It was so persistent and we knew they would be mad if she continued to say no ha ha.  So clearly when they asked me I said “Of course!”  Mission life is crazy. ha ha ha!  That’s just a little glimpse of a meal in the Spanish Ward.

Good news, Devrie Rozsa got her visa straight out of the MTC!  Sounds like the government is getting a move on.  However I know that the Lord has a will specifically for me and the people He has prepared for the gospel.  I hope that I will be able to fulfill it well no matter where I am.

Love you all to the moon and back!
Letters, prayers, and love is always appreciated! Thanks for all your support 🙂

Hermana Carter


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