“Ella le gusta beber”

Hi family!!

It’s sister carter here in Layton giving another report on la obra missional.

This week I got to get to know quite a few missionaries. We went on exchanges with two other green missionaries this week!

Tuesday we got an Hermana from El Salvador whose Spanish is beautiful. I loved it. We were able to contact and do door approaches and such, which was fun because it was my first time to test out my Spanish social skills… Ha ha.

Thursday we did another exchange with a green sister who looks/acts like she’s 15!! She told me that since she started her mission she’s gained 20 lbs. she’s still the tiniest thing I’ve ever seen!   That morning I decided I wanted to run 16 laps. I started running at a reasonable pace and half way through my first lap she sprinted up behind me and out of nowhere said “Hi!” She continued to sprint ahead of me, while getting distracted by a soccer ball… It was like a puppy running wild in the park.

It’s all fun and I learned that I have been very blessed with an ability to speak and understand the language. For that I am very grateful. The Lord has and really does look out for our needs, without the ability to communicate I think I would get very impatient here.

This week I taught commandments for the first time! We taught the Chavez family about them and it was so cute because Adrianna the mom all of a sudden came to the epiphany that she was already keeping the commandments! She was so excited! We also were able to teach Janeth and Daniel again and she told us that she has been trying to stop drinking, without us even telling her about the word of wisdom! How awesome!

Last thing is we got to go to another baby shower!!!!  However this one was hosted by the ward. They made me play this game and where I had to drink juice from a baby bottle as fast as I could… I won obviously. Then one of the members said to another… “She likes to drink!” Haha it was funny.

I love you all and thanks for keeping the letters coming!  Mail is the greatest!

Love you all,

Hermana Carter

"Ella le gusta beber"

“Ella le gusta beber”



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