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Well this week has been a roller coaster! It was probably the week I realized missionary work is real. ha ha not really, but this week was real life. We have so many amazing investigators that Satan just loves to mess with them. I know this is because they are on the verge of greatness, almost through the doors of baptism where they will be able to progress and benefit so much more from this restored gospel.

Last Monday we had an amazing lesson with the Chavez family. The spirit was almost tangible as we were there talking about the Proclamation to the Family, a document of revealed truth that the family has been an ordained social unit since before the world began. The great thing is is that they already live everything and more that this Proclamation teaches. I once heard a story about a very successful missionary in France who was asked how he found all these to follow Christ’s example of being baptized. He said “I imagined them in white”. I can see this family in white, sealed in the temple for all eternity. I can see the husband presiding on the stand as a bishop or stake president. I can see their children on missions sharing the gospel. It’s crazy how ready they are! However, there is something holding them back from receiving it all, and we can figure it out. We boldly asked them to pray if October 5th was the day that their Heavenly Father wanted them to get baptized. They accepted! But after they canceled two appointments we showed up at their house to visit them and to follow up. The mom replied and said “I have been praying this week, but, I haven’t asked specifically.” I was heartbroken! I know that fear has taken over and she doesn’t want to know the truth yet! I’ve been praying really fervently to know how I can help this family be eternal and I’m sure I will receive an answer just as they will about their baptism.

Even though we’ve had a mix of events like this happen this week, we sure have been happy. That’s something about missionary work that always get’s you through, when you’re working hard and bearing testimony of what you know is true, you are HAPPY. it’s weird.

McNelly is like my sister, she laughs at everything I say (which for those of you who know me… laughter makes me very happy)
She calls me cochina… it means nasty in Spanish. I find it endearing! ha! ha!. We have a CD of pop primary songs… and since I haven’t danced in a long while I could help but let loose in the Chevy Malibu. I figure one day the other two will join me but for now they just laugh haha.

Something that has helped me a lot these past few weeks, has been an experience I had from the Book of Mormon. I don’t know if you know this but… the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul. One day I was feeling kinda down about some things and I heard something tell me to read the Book of Mormon. Even though it was my P-day and I was just laying down to take my monthly nap, I got up immediately to read. I opened to Mosiah, Chapter 7, which talks about trusting in the Lord. The last verse, 33, talks about how we have to turn to the Lord, trust in Him, and serve Him with all diligence in mind. Only then will the Lord bring forth the blessings, IF IT BE HIS WILL. At that moment I realized that the Lord knows me better than I know myself and all I can do is work my very hardest and his will will be fulfilled. I hope that I do all that he requires of me so that I can be an instrument in His hands on this earth. I know this church is true and I’m thankful that I can testify that without a blinking of an eye to all those who will listen.IMG_0878[1]IMG_0874[1]


“por que estas alegra?”

Hi Everyone!

! hope you are all doing well!  This week has been rainy and full of laughter… so good, I think.

Of all the wonderful things that have happened this week, one of the most major changes would be my new companion, Sister McNelly, from Louisville Kentucky.  She is chill and likes peanut butter too!!  Soul mates I would assume?!  She’s the best step mom anyone could ask for.  I love how excited she is about the work and her true love for the people.  She’s not about numbers at all which is right up my ally.

Since we got a newbie in the area, we have been introducing her to a lot of our investigators and recent converts.  We had the opportunity to have dinner with the long time investigators, La Familia Prado.  They are graduating from the english lessons with our service missionaries and are really great.  We invited them to come to a Temple Square tour on Sunday and they were really excited! (they hadn’t been for at least 15 years).  This was my first tour with the Temple Square sisters and it was really cool.  They started off the lesson at the Christus, explaining how we all lived with our Heavenly Father in the pre-earth life and how we can know that He is our Father through the love we feel on this earth.  We then went down to the “Scripture and Revelation” area where we talked about our earth life and importance of the prophets to guide us. Which led into the divine calling of Joseph Smith to restore Jesus’s Gospel on the earth once more. This comprehensive lessons were awesome but they finished with a movie called “God’s Plan” which focuses on families, and how they can be eternal!  I was so touched and I knew that they felt the spirit as well.  There is something so cool about serving in Salt Lake where there are so many resources to help us teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone!  The strength of the Church is evidence of it’s truthfulness and people can see that here.  Like it says in Matt 7:20 “by their fruits they shall know them!”

We struggle the most with getting our awesome investigators to church… 9:00 a.m. is just a tad early for these people’s only day off!  But something I’ve learned is that we have to do ALL that we can do, to help these people feel God’s love and His spirit guiding their life.  So, Sunday morning we’re calling our investigators hoping that maybe the ringing of their phone will stir them from their slumber.  When nothing was working, McNelly said “Come on we’re going to their house.”  I was so nervous that we were going to look like Church Nazis but when they opened the door and we asked if she needed help with getting her 3 little girls ready, she was so surprised and so happy! I loved it and the fact that she got to come to church and she even participated in the lessons!  Vani’s the best, and the best part is I can already see the change the gospel has made in her life.

This weekend I was exceptionally tired.  You know like the tired where you’re half delusional.  I don’t know if McNelly trusts me as a sane person, but it’s ok we’re having a great time.

Thanks so much for all your letters and words of wisdom.  I have such amazing examples in my life.

Keep sharing your love and gospel!
Hernana Carter:)

“quieres mas hermana?”

Well another wonderful week here in Layton ,UT!  It’s still hot and school’s in session!

This week was filled with meeting, meetings and more meetings.  We had a mission wide meeting where President Hansen shared with us the new mission vision.  It’s always nice to have new goals and new visions for the work.  For me I was really inspired to study and apply “Preach my Gospel” to my lessons and really see it have an impact on my work here!  Something unique about the mission vision is to bring back inactivos.  For every baptism they want us to bring back an inactive for at least two sacrament meetings.  And our new logo is Moroni with the title of liberty… cool huh?

We had some pretty good lessons this week with the people we have on date.  Vani came to church this week with her kids, and we stopped by just to see how she was doing one day.  We sang her Divina Luz (lead kindly light) and invited her to pray before we left.  It was so spiritual and she just started to cry during her prayer.  I know that the gospel strengthens us all and helps us overcome challenges, that is one of my favorite parts of missionary work.  It really does make you happy inviting others to come unto Christ!

Transfers are this week and changes are coming.  So my mom, Sister Adorable is headed out to Kaysville, and sister Lisonbee and I are getting a burnt out trainer… yipee! ha ha!  Lisonbee decided that our goal for this transfer will be obedience.  It can be done!  I’m excited I’m staying because of all our wonderful investigators we’ve got on date!  It’s gonna be a great 6 weeks.

This week has been the week of food!  I try to eat really slow so that I won’t have to look ungrateful when they ask me if I want more!  We had a dinner appointment this week, where the member was late, so while she was cooking she offered us cake… huge slices of tres leches. Then we sit down to some delicious tacos mexicanos, and we start eating. Lisonbee finished first and the husband said “Quieres mas hermana” (want more) and she politely said no thank you.. however they kept on asking!  It was so persistent and we knew they would be mad if she continued to say no ha ha.  So clearly when they asked me I said “Of course!”  Mission life is crazy. ha ha ha!  That’s just a little glimpse of a meal in the Spanish Ward.

Good news, Devrie Rozsa got her visa straight out of the MTC!  Sounds like the government is getting a move on.  However I know that the Lord has a will specifically for me and the people He has prepared for the gospel.  I hope that I will be able to fulfill it well no matter where I am.

Love you all to the moon and back!
Letters, prayers, and love is always appreciated! Thanks for all your support 🙂

Hermana Carter

“Ella le gusta beber”

Hi family!!

It’s sister carter here in Layton giving another report on la obra missional.

This week I got to get to know quite a few missionaries. We went on exchanges with two other green missionaries this week!

Tuesday we got an Hermana from El Salvador whose Spanish is beautiful. I loved it. We were able to contact and do door approaches and such, which was fun because it was my first time to test out my Spanish social skills… Ha ha.

Thursday we did another exchange with a green sister who looks/acts like she’s 15!! She told me that since she started her mission she’s gained 20 lbs. she’s still the tiniest thing I’ve ever seen!   That morning I decided I wanted to run 16 laps. I started running at a reasonable pace and half way through my first lap she sprinted up behind me and out of nowhere said “Hi!” She continued to sprint ahead of me, while getting distracted by a soccer ball… It was like a puppy running wild in the park.

It’s all fun and I learned that I have been very blessed with an ability to speak and understand the language. For that I am very grateful. The Lord has and really does look out for our needs, without the ability to communicate I think I would get very impatient here.

This week I taught commandments for the first time! We taught the Chavez family about them and it was so cute because Adrianna the mom all of a sudden came to the epiphany that she was already keeping the commandments! She was so excited! We also were able to teach Janeth and Daniel again and she told us that she has been trying to stop drinking, without us even telling her about the word of wisdom! How awesome!

Last thing is we got to go to another baby shower!!!!  However this one was hosted by the ward. They made me play this game and where I had to drink juice from a baby bottle as fast as I could… I won obviously. Then one of the members said to another… “She likes to drink!” Haha it was funny.

I love you all and thanks for keeping the letters coming!  Mail is the greatest!

Love you all,

Hermana Carter

"Ella le gusta beber"

“Ella le gusta beber”